Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Green Laser Pen

Watch this out.
This green laser is actually more powerful than the laser pen that we known before.
It can light up the matches!!

Geek Family: Good Intention.

This is an example of a good family. They always make their family as their 1st priority. Currently, they planning to send their sister to Cambridge. Now this is what I called a good intention.

Being a good person in a big family is also my dream and this family already make my heart touching. No wonder people called this family as a Geek Family.

For Josie and her nephew, I'm wishing you a very good luck. May God bless you!

My Wealthtoolbos Amount.


No actually it's Wealthtoolbox. But maybe it will be my Boss soon. The reason for me to say that is because my online investment has already increase.

And this time, it's already more than USD 600.00.
For those who are still not understand what's this programme was about, please go read the explanation here.

So this is my latest screenshot as for today:

Sansa MP3 Player

This is so cool.
I just found a cool site for those who always interested into music player. And currently, the site is reviewing the SanDisk music player.

For me, this SanDisk music player really fullfiled my need. I'm not expect so much for this kind of gadget. It's just fine with me if the gadget has FM radio. And since the FM become 1st priority, I was told that this gadget can make me enjoy with it's superior sound playback. Plus, it has the-fly FM recording and voice recording options. Isn't that great?
Now that's what I called a perfecto!

Nokia 7380 Review.

Watch this good review of Nokia 7380.
Well, I'm using Motorola currently. ...

Monday, February 26, 2007

Oliver Gaspirtz: Cartoonist.

Being a cartoonist is not easy as we think. I've got a friend (cartoonist) in Kuala Lumpur and he also said the same thing. He always said this to me " If you don't know how to manipulate your drawing, don't be a cartoonist".

Nowadays, cartoonist also can expose their drawing or their work as an online comics. The scenario will be same all the time. What I mean is that when we like to read a comic book, definitely we will like the cartoonist of that book. And when we love to read the online comics , sure we will bookmark his blog.

But, things going pretty amazing when it comes to Gaspirts comics. His sense of humor is pretty dark and can be quite offensive at times. He also created severals games like Bubble Fun and Tilt.

***This post was sponsored by GaspirtzCartoons

Dreamhost Server Status (down..)!!!

I'm wondering there is an error in Dreamhost server room because I can't login to my other blogs. It's already more than 8 hours. Why it happen?

I can't answer it but I try to find another way just to know what actually happened. So, I try to go to Dreamhost site and tadaaa.... I found the answer. But's not the answer that I'm looking for.

For your information, the same thing happened. I can't get thru to Dreamhost site neither!!
This is not cool because I can't even see anything in Dreamhost site.

Now, after waiting for so long (I hate that), it just fully discovered and I can see the Dreamhost site clearly. So you know what actually happen?

Dreamhost latest status:

We were just informed one hour ago from our building management that an emergency maintenance window is scheduled for this Saturday morning, February 24th, at 1AM PST. UPDATE! The building has just changed the window to be 23 hours later.. it is now scheduled for Sunday morning, February 25th, at 12:01AM PST. This maintenance window involves taking our entire building’s power offline for approximately 3 hours. The word from the building:

It was discovered by ABM Engineering during the power monitoring
equipment installation, that a Phase C Conductor Cable on UPS #4
has been compromised to the point that immediate action to
repair it is necessary or a ground fault will occur to the building

Good job guys...!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Say No To Mesothelioma.

I've been bloggering for almost 1 year and a half.
When it comes to the high paying keyword, all the bloggers will remember the highest bid click at that time (you may check it at Technorati or you can ask a problogger about this).

Even I was a dumb blogger (newbie...) at that time, but this "fantastic" word really make the blogosphere chaos.

The "fantastic" word that I just mentioned is "Mesothelioma" or Asbestos cancer.. Yeah... it's really makes me confused at that time because I never heard of it before.

I'm keep wondering why they love to post about this word. And later, I found that this is one of the very dangerous cancer ever. It was called Mesothelioma and and it's job is to crush out your lung.

How did it happen?
The answer was so simple. If your house was built by asbestos material, you better watch out. Normally, the asbestos will be located at the top of your house. Yup... it's your roof actually.

Hey, if you think that you're in a great danger, feel free to get your free info about Asbestos cancer.

My advice:
To avoid being part of the statistics on lung cancer, ensure you will not acquire small cell lung cancer or even the slower non-small cell lung cancer by living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Dynamic Drive: Make Your Blog Look Fresh.

Have you ever visit Dynamicdrive site?I think you should give your 1st visit to this useful website. I just explored the site and all I can say is that this will be my next favourite site..

As a blogger, this is good chance for me to learn original DHTML & Javascripts.My point is that DynamicDrive is a good site for those who are looking for something different.

As an example, if your blog got a lot of pictures.. you can to use some Javascripts (you can get it FREE from the site) so that your readers will love to visit your site again.

By doing that, your visitor will not feel boring just to wait the picture loading.
And for me, i just installed a moving title of my blog. You can see it up there…
Take your journey now.

*** This is NOT a sponsored post. This is my selected random website to blog.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

You're Not Alone..

Being a blogger sometimes make me tired. I mean, really... relly tired.
By sitting in front of the computer for almost 8 hours everyday, speak to no one... sleepy.. no idea come out...internet disconnection... no laugh.... well, you know what I mean.

Actually, it's not about the difficulties for blogging, it's about how to manage 6 blogs in a time. It will be more tired if each of the blog is focusing on a different content.

Believe it or not, sometimes I (or you maybe...) just ignored on what I'm doing because blogging sphere is like fishing. When there's a fish, then you'll happy. When there's huge visitors, then you'll get crazy.

So what I did is I try to get friends as many as I can. That will makes me feel fresh because you know that you're not alone.

And the best place to find more friends is with Millionaire Dating. Go to this site and you will know what I'm saying.

***This is a sponsored post.

Adsense New Look for 2007!

Do you notice your adsense new design?

I don' know either it's only happen to me or this is a new approach from Google Adsense. I tried to find the answer from the latest posting at Johnchow, Problogger and yet, still no update info. Anyway, I really I like it.

So this is the screenshots:
Current adsense look:

New adsense look:

Let's take a look at this tweaky look of this new adsense:

That's it. As you can see, this is the thing that I mentioned above. The text link already chaned in italic font!

Now check your adsense and tell me your opinion.

Credit Card Bill Consolidation.

Looking to consolidate your credit card debt?
If you say yes, I think this is the right time for you to read this article.
Let's say I focus on your debt load and credit outlook, now there are two best options for you to choose:

1) Use a balance transfer credit card.
Balance transfer credit cards allow you to transfer one or more credit card balances onto a single card that features a 0% balance transfer rate. At the same time, this could save you a ton of oney on your current credit card payments.

2) Use a debt consolidation service.
Now, this is best topic to talk about. For your information, I will say this is better option. Debt consolidation services offer expert advice on credit card consolidation and can help you cut your interest rates and monthly payments dramatically -- up to 50% in some cases. The premier online debt consolidation service is creditloan .com.

And if you want more info on Bad Credit Repair, you also can get it from there.

Use your credit card wisely, that's all I can say. If not, remember the Credit Card Bill Consolidation.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

WealthToolBox investment: It's Increasing!

Woo... this is good.
I managed to increase my WealthToolBox investment and this is included people who signed up under me.

So far, it's look pretty. This is my latest screenshot:

Hey, what are looking at?

Don't you just see and watch others people money?

Join today to lock in your $50 bonus.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mera Nam Aapkavideo: Tera Nam?

This is so cool. After Youtube, Metacafe, Sharkle, Grouper and etc make their history... now this is the right time for Aaapkavideo create their own.

What's so special about AapkaVideo - Indian (desi) Video Sharing , is that this is the only site that offering video sharing JUST for Indians. Not like others, this site offering so much info about Indians include generated content, cricket, bollywood, music videos, places and more.

While I'm listening to Hindustan song right now (Mohabbatein- Humko Humise Churalo), I think the idea for creating this kind of site was so brilliant. At the same time, it will give a huge exposure for all the Indians. I should give a big applause to the man behind this site.

Hey, Chalte chalte also a good song dude!

Scam Cash Machine

cash machine scam

This is one of the important scam video in your life. Make sure you know how this "scam people" took your money while you work for it. In this video, they will show how smart they are. The scam is about placing a "shell" reader over the usual ATM card reader. And for those who make this mini documentary, I want to say many thanks to you guys.... congrats!!!

So remember, if you noticed and strange device at the ATM.. it's better for you to cancel your transaction. The best way is go to the ATM that located in the bank, not the the public area.

Because the guards is there, the CCTV is there... it secured!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Green Option: Your Option.

What makes your living so comfortable?
Is it because of your money (rich man)?
Is it because of your title (famous person)?
Or is it because your latest investment for your 1st bungalow on the moon?

If you're in the list, maybe you forgot the most important thing in your life. Good life come begin with a good HEALTHY. It 's useless if you got a lot of money but you always ignored about a little investment to your green environment. Life is just not about money, career, glamourous and etc. It also involved your responsibility to the peoples around you.

I just found one site. This site really support the green environment. It's like a big hub for everyone that really cares about the green around us. And I think this site should be awarded. At this time, let me be the 1st one who did that. Yup, I'm glad to annouce here that the best word to describe the site is Green Options: Greening the Good Life.

Isnt' it cool?
But, I'm also noticed that some changes must be done in order to attract more visitor to this site. I hope my idea will be considered by their site support team. This is my top 3 opinion for the website:

1) This site should be designed together with a FLASH. It looks so static. It must look fresh...! (green life)
2) It will be practical if there is a live data (scrolling) so that the visitor will alert it.
3) A chat box will be okey so that the support team can inform the visitors about the HOT discussion in the forum.

Nevertheless, I think the concept was good. By keep the latest invention in the front page, the writer of this blog can make the new topic as hot as it will be. Since the fake info always being around, this is a good source for the peoples who claimed themselves as 'environmentalist' (Greenie) or even just 'environmentally aware' (Light Greenie).

As I said, life is not about money. Now if you're a blogger, part-time blogger, full-time blogger or even a problogger ..... there is no reason for you to not take a part of your environment responsibility. By send a good and a latest info on about the green life to the Green Options: Greening the Good Life blog.

Or at least, if you think you're a true supporter of the green life, don't forget to catch the latest report in the Green report section.

Now, are you ready to be apart of it?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Make Money Online Through Slash My Search- Get Paid to Search!!!

How many times do you perform a search per day?

Twice, Five times, Ten times?

I estimate that I perform a search around 30 times per day. I'm not sure if that's normal. I don't really know what normal is. I probably search a little more than normal because I am always searching for new shops & freebies for my shopping directory, and money making opportunities for this blog.
Anyway.... I digress. When I was searching for money making opportunities today, I came across Slash My Search (aff).

What is Slash My Search?

Well.... it is a combination of the best results from Yahoo!, Google, Excite, Altavista and other databases (so should bring you optimised search results).
I did a few tests, and to be honest find it "average-good" - they are quite good, but still have to optimise a little better to give you GREAT search results - but, it is young, so in time....

So, how do you make money from this?

Well, the best part about Slash My Search, is that you get paid (yes that's right) each and every time you do a search.
But wait, that's not all. You also get paid for having Slash My Search as your home page (which is great if you have a browser which supports multiple home-pages).
And... that's still not all. You also get paid for everyone you refer to Slash My Search (you get paid each time they search - not just once).

They claim that you can make a fair bit of money (up to $US1980 per month) from Slash my search. Myself - I am a little doubtful, that you will make that much, but you should be able to earn a little bit of extra cash each month.

The earnings chart, found on their page looks like this:

The way I see it, is that if you are performing searches anyway - why not get paid for it?

I see it as money for nothing. It is not taking any more out of my day than before, which is why I signed up for it without even thinking about it.
I am not going to perform searches for the sake of performing them, but will use them to perform my everyday searches. I will let you know next month how well I have done.

My Tongue:
On top of all this, I found the searches to be rather slow and containing a lot of 'Sponsored' or 'Paid For' links. Not a great search engine but has the potential to make a small income if enough referrals are achieved.
As for now, I managed to list out 2 referral under me, the potential is there to receive $1,980 per month!! Not bad! Of course, this model relies on getting referrals!

My heart:
Who cares?
This is just an "average search engine" and it's still in beta. Still can give yo a money. If you think you can generate more referral, there is no reason to grabe this oppurtunity....just proceed and. After that, it's depend on you to switch it back. (if you want to use your favourite homepage e.g: Firefox, Yahoo or your current... )

If you are going to join up please use my affiliate link so I can build my downline.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Make Money With WeathToolBox!!!

I joined Weathltoolbox since December 29, 2006.

Wealthtoolbox has an unique method on how to make money online. Believe me or not, Wealthtoolbox now will give you a chance to create your account FREE. Plus, you will get an instant $50 bonus for every new member you refer to WealthToolbox.

For your information, I just received an email from Weathtoolbox support team today. I am happy with it because due to recent trading action at WealthToolbox, my account has grown 2.4%…!!!

This is my screenshot:

Our most recent trade: February 11, 2007.
Action Taken: Bought EUR/USD at 1.3010, then sold at 1.3022.
Profit/Loss: +2.4%

Payout date: December 29, 2008
Current Balance: $95.12

Join today to lock in your $50 bonus.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Unstoppable Money In My Paypal Accout!!!

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

I am so happy today after I checked my paypal account. It was so unexpected because for a blogger like me, this will not happen everyday. All this time, I used to check my Google Adsense account daily but now… I HAVE TO check my paypal account also.

Yup, this is all because of the Jason Gazaway idea. He is the man who teach me on how to make money (in a repeatation way). Being a blogger is not an easy way as I’m think before. The longer I’m stay in this sphere, the more I should learn.

So last week, I’m looking for an additional info on how to earn smart money online. This idea just pop in my mind when I read his latest report.

As a result, I have to highlight few questions:

1) Do you depend 100% from your adsense programme?

(currently, my daily earnings -average- just about USD3.00 to USD5.00 only)

2) How long the paid to review programme will be last longer?

(payperpost, reviewme, blogsvertise)

3) How long to make yoursite famous (high pagerank) if you don’t know how to do it?

4) By keeping edit your posts, how long must you publish a perfect post if you don’t have a very good English?

5) How to make money before others did?

Now, question no 5 really makes me stunned. For me, this is a good scope in making money online.

Later, I keep asking myself how to do it because it needs a good IDEA+CONCEPT=YourPRODUCT.

When you have a good IDEA+CONCEPT=OurPRODUCT in making money, people will get alert and interested. When they get interested, they will buy it because they know that they will get money from it. When they bought it, that’s mean question no 5 has already answered….!!!

Money will come continuosly into our account if people bought our IDEA+CONCEPT=OurPRODUCT. You also can’t stop it even you say NO. But to transform the IDEA+CONCEPT=OurPRODUCT into money, it still need a good planning.

Hey, let me share with you my true experienced.

Last year…..I have a few IDEA+CONCEPT=OurPRODUCT on how to make big money online (thru a website) but I don’t have any chance to boom it. At that time, I’m always keep delay on it because I don’t know how to attract people online and finally I just let it go even the IDEA+CONCEPT good.

Later I saw one similar IDEA+CONCEPT like mine on internet. It was “created” by other people and as a result, the site now become famous and definitely… the owner already earned big money from it. It was too late.

So what I wanna say now is if you have a good IDEA+CONCEPT, don’t wait any longer. You must try to expose it maximumly. You must use a proper way to promote it.

If you want to make the NO.5 question succesfull, you must know how to launch your IDEA+CONCEPT. It will make a big different (with or without it).

Now, all I can say that … Jason just helped me a lot with his Easyproductlaunches. With his 7 Dollar report, I’m feeling so great now because when you buy it, you can get your money back. It’s a repeatation money..!!!

If the report isn’t enough, please remember, after buying you can turn around and resell the report to your list (or with a link on your website). In 20 minutes you can make that $7 back times 10, 100, or even 1000! You get the 100% of the commission, the FULL $7 directly to your PayPal account for every sale, the instant it’s made.

Seriously, for just $7 I’ll teach you not only what product launches are, but what triggers to hit, how to hit them, the tools I use, and so much more! How can you pass on that?

Trust me!!!

p/s: if you dont have a paypal account, you can get your free one here.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Make Online Money List Programme.

Now, if you really want to make money online .. this is a good list of make money programme that you should try. But if you think that all this programme is suck, there is one programme that definitely can give you a chance to make money online. Guaranteed!!!

Yeah....when I say it, I really mean it. If you think that your blog was not famous.. don't give up because the last programme that you see in this list is the only one program that can give you money daily. Yes.. it's a daily online money..!

Here it is:

* Description: Allows publishers to sell text ads on their sites

* Description: Allows you to sell text ads on your blog.

* Description: A kind of manual Adsense
* Blog - Feed

* Description: The ubiquitous contextual ad program from Google
* Blog - Feed

Affiliate Sensor
* Description: Contextual affiliate text links
* Warning: Snake oil seller one page sales letter website with spammy looking text links in the footer. Does not inspire confidence.

Banner Boxes
* Description: Contextual looking Adsense like ads

* Description: Allows publishers to sell text ads on a PPC basis

* Description: Adsense looking ads where advertisers bid for placement by site

Blog Ads
* Description: Banners in all shapes and sizes where publishers join groups of similar publishers. Blog specific.
* Blog - Feed

CB Pro Sense
* Description: Provides auto generation of ClickBank affiliate links
* Warning: Snake oil sale one page sales letter with lot's of exclamation marks and outrageous promises of instant wealth.

Click Ads Direct
* Description: Unclear what the exact model is, but they appear to be pitching the exclusivity angle

Chitika eMiniMalls
* Description: Contextually served interactive ads filled by and others. Allows readers to find reviews and more info on products aswell as purchase
* Blog - Feed

* Description: Contextual network matching to affiliate programs
* Warning: These guys do pop-up/unders

Context Web
* Description: Adsense look-a-like contextual ads

Crisp Ads
* Description: Blog ad network where publishers can join the "catalogue" and have advertisers be able to browse their blog then buy ads, or earn on PPC from showing text ads
* Amusingly, this blog network doesn't appear to have a blog

Expo Active
* Description: Lord knows, there's no way to tell without signing up
* Warning: Website looks like it was thrown together in about 10mins. Very worrying.

Fast Click
* Description: Variety of different formats including regular text ads

* Description: Various kinds of banners and text ads for RSS feeds
* Blog - Feed

* Description: Similar offerings to Feedburner, text ads and banners in feeds
* Blog - Feed

Federated Media
* Description: John Battelle's ad network for blogs. Banner ads in various sizes.
* Blog - Feed

Info Grabber
* Description: Autogenerated contextual links to affilate sites advertising with Commission Junction / Share A Sale

* Description: Links words in the body of your text contextually to advertisers

Kanoodle BrightAds
* Description: Contextual Adsense like ads

* Description: Very similar to IntelliTXT

Mirago Context Stream
* Description: Mirago is a third tier PPC engine, it can deliver contextual PPC results into content

* Description: UK specific IntelliTXT like product

* Description: Provide "tools" to integrate ads into regular and feed content
* Blog - Feed

As I said , if you think your blog was not qualified for any of this programme, just proceed and apply for this amazing make money online:

Thanks to Nick Wilson for the list.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Full Time Blogger: Who Cares?

Gaman, my friend just post a good entry in his blog. The title is Bloggers Can Make Money, But Most Keep Their Day Jobs. Well, it's a good topic for me to highlight it here in my blog.


The truth is there’s a majority making nothing. A sizable minority making at least $100 a month and a few like Darren Rowse of are making serious money.

Are you planning or are making extra income from your blog? Please share your experience.
Well this is my opinion and I wanna share it with all of you.


It depends... may be you can be a full time blogger.
What i mean is... if you can do the same thing like Joel comm did ( (he did it in one day), definitely you can be a full time blogger because if you got a huge amount of money like that.... you don't have to worry about your '12 month expenses' in advanced. It's pretty safe!
Huh... i'm joking....
No, i'm not. It's TRUE.

But what if we can't do like he did?

Well, if you really ...really..really...really.....want to be a full time blogger, there's still a chance to do it.

With or without adsense.


Just join the 'paid to post' program . There's a lot of program like this now on internet.

I know maybe some of you will not agree for what i said (especially if you claimed yourself as a real blogger).... but who cares?


Now, let me share with you some interesting facts about a group of person who claimed themselves as a real blogger. I will not spesific who is he or who is she here. You have to find it yourself. \o/

I still remember the time when this real blogger 'fireball' to blogger like us regarding being a members of 'paid to blog blogger' programs. They marked us as a polluted blogger because they think we're insulted them (because we're not on a real blogger ethics track!) .....omg it true?

Moreover, they also claimed that the "paid to blog" posts (also mark as a sponsored post) will make the visitors go away from the blog and no returning visitor's at all. Well, i'm not agree with this.

******* just make 'his' RM1200 (newbie to the program) monthly just because of this kind of programs! It's really pay! For me that what's I call "make money online" isn't it?

Either you realise it or not, there is a few 'real blogger' out there already being a members of 'paid to blog' programs but they not seems like it because it's look non-official.

Is it true?

Most of the time, they got paid by big companies to review their latest product or software, but they not claimed themselves as a members of 'paid to blog' programs. It's funny isn't it?

Now my real point is everyone can be a full time blogger if you want to try it:
(this is an example, I'm not manipulate any 'paid to blog' program)

1) Create more blogs (4,5,6 or 10 maybe?)

2) Create more than one paypal accounts. I mean create one account for each one of your family/friends/relatives/community members.

3) Make a post (paid post) to all that blogs daily (after some changes-make it different in each blog).

4) Then, after the post get approved, transfer the money into your "main paypal account" (one only).

4) Normally, 'paid to blog' programs will paid about USD5.00 to USD10.00 per post. If you have made 5 posts, that's mean you'll earn USD50 daily!

5) Bear in mind that most of the 'paid to blog'programs will let us submit 2 post per day. Holy shit... it's already USD100.00 !

6) In our country (malaysia), that's mean RM350.00 perday and more than RM10,000.00 per month!!!!

7) Yet still not plus your adsense + text-link-ads + adbrite + pheedo + bla...bla...bla... + affilates programs.

Now calculate your earnings and please tell me if you are ready to be a full time blogger.

Gaman----> you will be the next?


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