Saturday, October 30, 2010

Holiday and degree.

The best part about is you can apply it even while you were on your holiday. It's not difficult as what you think because it all can be done via online.

Nowadays, online degree always been a good choice for many people. The reason for them to choose online degree is because they can save their time and their money. For those who are working and looking for something that can help their qualification, they must apply for it.

Muscles at the beach

Love to see the people who have six pack on their stomach. I wondering when I can have that kind of shape because my weight now is 83 kilos and my height is 160 cm.

I need at least 75 kilos before i work on my muscle. Or maybe I need something that can help me to build muscles fast. Sometines,

I can't stand and quite jealous each time I saw those people who show their muscles at the beach. Damn.... I really want it so bad!

Keyword and PPC

Remember the day when Mesothelioma become one of the most famous keywords on the net? I bet most of you still remember it, don't you?

Now from what I've seen, there's still people that still work on that keyword. I don't know why but I don't think the BID is still at the high price. In fact, I can't imagine how much we can get from Pay Per Click program like adsense each time people click on it.

Yup.. it's all about payperclick... money!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Boss.... big boss

Running own business is like a dream come true. Everybody want to have their own staff and everybody want to be a boss. But one for sure, if we want to be a boss, we must be prepared to fulfill the responsibility.

If you are a big contractor, you must know your job scope... and you must alert with the latest technology like this lead test kit. Any new things that comes with a high technology definitely can help you.

By the way, I also want to tell you that I already be a boss of myself. Yup, I am a fulltime blogger... so that's means I am a boss, right?

Adsense and niche blog.

Google Adsense always makes my life crazy. I don't know what to say but seems like I need to focus more on niche blog. Maybe I will set up another new blog that will focus more on best acne medication.

Niche blog sometimes can give us a good income via Google Adsense. The more you have, the more earnings that you will get. But bear in mind, just don't be a spammer okay, and don't just build a blog just for adsense (MFA sites).

Keep blogging as it should be and when the traffic is good, the earnings also will do. Good luck guys!

Backpacking again....

Still in the mood of saving...

Well that's what I did for the last 3 months. I am planning for my next vacation next year... and I plan to go to China. There's a big festive for Chinese people called Chinese New Year and I don't want to miss it.

Anyway, I will never forget to bring my face moisturizers. There's a different about the environment in China specially the weather and I must be prepared for any changes.

Yup... I will go by myself... backpacker. It will be easy for me to go alone... love it very much!

Understand it better

If you are a person who have a dark spot under your eyes, then you must know that it will become more worst each time you stay under the sun. The sun will burn your skin and once it happened, you're gonna need under eye cream for dark circles.

There's many reviews about skin care specially for for dark circles that you can found on internet. By right, you must find and read it because it will make you understand it better.

Now what are you waiting for?

2nd honeymoon!

If you were on a holiday and somebody call you for a free onecall coupons, what will you say?

Hurmm... don't worry, it just a joke. What I want to ask you is where is your next destination for this coming Christmas? Have you plan any?

I am planning to go for my 2nd honeymoon... in the island where my wife never heard. I want to surprise her as she always surprise me. She is the one who makes my life so meaningful.

My lady,
I will give all my support to you... and thanks for loving me :)

Scope and DSLR

Are you a person who are into outdoor?
Do you prefer for a camping or something like that?
If you do, do you have any scopes?

I love to join the outdoor activity because I can snap the picture that I like. I have a Nikon DSLR D5000 and taking a picture is my hobby because I can share it with my friends in Facebook.

The other thing that I love to do is record the video with my DSLR. It's like a passion and I can't resist it. If only I can spend my whole life for it, that will be better!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Holiday and festive!

Vacation and holiday is good... but if you are a busy wife... and a busy housewife, do you think you can go for a holiday often?

Have you ever consider that?
If YES, what will happen to your baby? Don't you think you need some info about breast milk before you go for a vacation with your little baby?

Oh ya... We gonna have a Deepavali festive soon. If you are a person who are into culture major, then i bet you don't wanna to miss it. It's a festive for the Indian all over the world. Get more info about Happy Deepavali before you buy your flight ticket allright!

Sleeping problem while holiday

Have you ever have a problem with your sleep while you were on your holiday? If the answer is YES, what will do to overcome that problem?

Hurmm.. I just found out a good source for that. This website can provide you some good information about sleeping pill. Well at least, you can handle your sleeping problem in a good way.

So what will be your next destination?
Is is Asia or Europe?

Do let me know ya... I just want to read your experiences.. love it so much!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Home stay?

I am noticed that many of my friends now has their own business. The best part about their business is they managed to conduct their own homestay and this really makes me interested to think about it.

Well this is a smart business. All we have to do is get a house and rent it on a daily basis. Get a good door hardware with a safety grill. Then provide a good utilities and make the customer happy with the cleanliness.

Man.. i can the money here, I am gonna give my friend a call. Who knows... this can be my income source soon... hehe

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Listen to the music.

If it not because of her latest song, definitely I will not consider to buy that Taylor Swift tickets via online. I really like her songs and what makes me feel amaze about her is she's "come in a package".

What I am trying to say is she has a good voice and she's pretty too. Her song titled Love Story really caught my attention and I bet many guys out there will say the same thing. If only I can have sing with her... or duet with her, definitely I will be the luckiest man in this world.

Opss... the song still listed in my iPOD .. so that I can hear it even I on my cruise vacation. Nice huh!

Eat and eat again...

This is a good tip for those who want to maintain their weight. Never leave your weight loss pill even you were on your holiday. Rapid weight loss pills is one of the good pills for you to try cause many people has talk about it.

As for me, vacation is a good thing to enjoy but when it come to the weight matter, I must get serious so that I will not be burdened later with the work out. So be careful on what you eat guys... it will makes you suffer sometimes..


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