Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Superb cruise

Royal Caribbean is one of the famous cruise in the world. I have read many reviews and stories about an experience about it.

The only thing that I want to plan now is a special honeymoon with my wife on that cruise. I really want to give her a surprise, but the only thing that stop me is she's to scared to be on the cruise.

She's too phobia ... and I know the reason. Yup, she's always imagine the Titanic tragedy and that what makes her scared of cruise. Any idea to overcome this situation guys?

When something bad happened

Sometimes, I feels life is not fair. But sometimes, I asked myself where's on earth that life is fair?

Life is full or surprise. We are the only one that must be prepared. At least we must expect the unexpected. That's why we must have at least one cheap term life insurance for ourself so that our family will not be burdened if there's something bad happened to us.

By the way, what type of life insurance that you have?
Is it worth for you and your family?

Well I am still looking one for myself. Any idea for that?

Don't ever forget

Everybody like to go for a holiday. Nobody can deny that. But there's something that most people don't realize about holiday. Yup, it is about their weight gain.

I am noticed that most of us really enjoy with the food and they forget to work on their weight back. By that reason, I am suggest all of us to check our weight anywhere at anytime.

It doesn't matter what type of scales that you use, but it is better if you can find the right one like physician scale.

Well this is a very simple but a good tip right?
Make sure you are in a good shape :)

Friday, September 03, 2010

Perfect Holiday.

Holiday can makes our life more happy and enjoyful. But reminding ourself about our own safety also important.

Whenever we go, make sure we know how to reach our emergency assistance. Don't just take easy with this kind of information because once the bad thing happen, we may regret it and nobody want to face that kind of situation.

So never forget to prepare ourself with certain contact numbers. Holiday is still a holiday but always expect the unexpected. That's better.

Nice homestay

Planning a holiday sometimes can be very hassle. That's why I prefer to go holiday with my family. Yes, I have a big family and that what I do to fulfill my needs.

I love to stay in a homestay style. I dislike to stay in a hotel or a resort because of the cost. Homestay rate always makes me smile. The best part is, I can choose the right house.

Renting a house with whole house water filter is an advantage for me an my family. It is important for me ensure my family members drink a pure water. Yup.. hygiene comes first!


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