Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Holiday again!

Going for a vacation is a pleasure for all of us. Spending some good quality time with our beloved is like a dream come true.

For me, a holiday is one of the best moment in my life. If we can play an indoor game together, that will be better. Playing monopoly, scrabble, billiard and table tennis is a good choice... specially with newgy table tennis.

Guys.. it's awesome. You should try it because you will never regret it!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

No border

Need to attend another seminar about disability insurance. I know that this is a good opportunity for me to gain more knowledge... so that's why I have made a decision to go further in this field.

Life a a full time blogger will not affect me at all. What I am trying to say is I can expand my expertise and also my part time job via my blog network. I am sure that I can sell anything through internet as well. So the insurance too.

Internet.... there's no border!

She's everything to me!

I think she will be shocked with her birthday present. Yup, I am plan to surprise her with a bouquet of flower.

All I need to do is just place an order via internet and everything will be taken care of. No matter how far do you live in California, you always have an option to surprise your lover through flowers in Burbank CA.

The best part is, you can save your time and effort. It's a smart way to shopping online rather than wasting time to find the right stuff. Life is simple... hell yeah!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Samba Brazil

Each time I saw the Brazil samba show, it always remind me of the busker show. I love to watch the busker show very much because they use anythings around them as their music tools. Some of them using a used box, stainless steel barrels and the trickiest part is, they even using an old tupper ware to create the sound.

Normally if you want to see the street busker, I suggest you to go to Brazil... they have many talented persons that you can't expect. There's no doubt Brazil people loves music so much.. they makes their life more cheerful by themselves!


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