Friday, February 29, 2008

Night life at Vegas.

As we know, Las Vegas is the largest city in Nevada. I always have a dream to got to Las Vegas because this city has several well maintained parks ans also theatrical acts from all around the world.

Not only that, Las Vegas also offers an assortment of indoor and outdoor recreation and cultural activities. That's why there were so many hotels Las Vegas for tourist like me to choose.

Vegas, I will come to you!

Free holiday.

If you were given a free holiday somewhere in Asian country, which country you will prefer to go?

As for me, maybe I will consider to go to Bali, Indonesia. The reason for me to go there because I love to see the wood art from teak and something like that. Bali also is a heaven for a patio furniture. There's so many type of patio design that I can get at Bali.

How about you?
Do you choose Bali as your destination?
If the answer is yes, then our taste is same yaw!

Monday, February 25, 2008


Technology is one of the important element in our life. If 30 years ago, technology is just a "new thing" in our life, but today, technology is because apart of ours. Some of us need a technology in their daily work and some of us will not bother about it.

If you have used cisco in your company, I think I will categorize you as a technology people. Yeah... just an assumption.

Have you ever try to use a cisco lately?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Land for resort

So many news in the newspaper today about young entrepreneurs that managed to build their new business in land development. Actually, I have a dream to build my own resort but maybe it will just be only a dream. If I have a big land like this Tennessee land for sale, definitely I will do something about it.

Ermm... if you were given this kind of land, what will you do? A theme park, water park or a family park?

Drop your opinion in the comment box below allright?

Junansa Village

I'm not sure if you ever face this kind of great moment but I still remember the day when I stayed at one of the famous resort at Sibu Island that is Junansa Village. I love this resort very much because it's a budget resort that full of utilities.

Even the resort don't have many outdoor lighting like what we always see in the 5 star resort, but I really like the dim light between the coconut trees. So romantic and cool.

Hey, if you want to read my story about the resort, just type in the search column and you will find it.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nice bedroom

Sometimes, holiday will make you more suffer than staying at home. This is happened to me before when the bed that I should lay my body just not so comfortable. I will not tell you the name of the lodge but the bedroom is really mess.

If you are a backpacker like me, then you should know and gave a list of a good place to stay. Even they don;t have a good sleep wedge, but at least, you will pay for a reasonable price.

Have you ever had a problem with your bedroom before?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Emu Australia.

Traveling or vacation is not about a holiday only. Traveling also can be a good way for you to show off with your new fashion. Like what I saw in the television today, many of the tourist that spend their vacation at Greenland just had a good time to wear their latest Emu Australia.

For me in a tropica country, I wil not even have a chance to wear it because it's not suitable for me to wear it. But hey, if the trend and style can approach me to wear it, then it should be not problem. Don't you think so?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Always prepare.

Traveling sometimes need us to be more careful specially in a country that involved in "war" environment. The most important thing that travelers should know is prepare a back up for themselves like money, food and also their health.

That's why many of travelers always look for a good individual health insurance that can help them to solve any problem that's relate with their healthy.

Do you have an individual health insurance?
If you don't, it's better if you get one for yourself.


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