Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bloggerwave Is Not A Scam!


Remember Daryl's post on his Bloggerwave un-claim payment experienced? Many of us felt that this is a scam and at the same time, many bloggers are afraid to make another post for Bloggerwave. And I also read that some of us already ignored this paid to blog programme. Me myself was quite "shacky" to give any comment about this.

Same thing goes to Sassy (The Scam Unfolds), Top10tech (Did Bloggerwave make a Payment with a Fraudulent Bank Account or Credit Card?) and also Skeet (Bloggers beware!), they also express their own thought about Bloggerwave.

But, I just received an email from Bloggerwave and I think this will make us more eager to make money with Bloggerwave. I've already prepared a screenshot of the payment and you can see it by yourself. Well, it's paying...isn't it?


So now you don't have to be worried about this "confusing". I'm sure you also will get an email like this from Bloggerwave:
This email confirms that you have received a payment of $30.00 USD from bloggerwave(

View the details of this transaction online

Payment Details
Total Amount: $30.00 USD
Currency: U.S. Dollars
Transaction ID: 37K05793197559000
Quantity: 1
Item/Product Name: weirdoux
Item/Product Number: 389
Buyer: bloggerwave

Shipping Information
Address: bloggerwave
strandvejen 100
hellerup, dk

Now case closed and happy blogging!!!!

Payperpost Sick!!!

I'm not sure why the system of Payperpost opportunities was so weird. As I can see in my opportunities, almost 70 percent of my qualify opps was not existed anymore. But why PPP still put that "ghost ops" in?

It's so annoying when you see that opps but you can't take it. Furthermore, it's a "qualify" opps. I hope PPP will alert this kind of "stupid" mistake. It's a wasted if you have to wait for about 30 second just to see that "sick red no opps" statement at the top of the bar.

Imagine if you have to do the same step for 25 opps more. Can you feel the angry?

Aruba: Angel's World.

Glad to know that my boss will sell his time share points to me in a half price. It's like a dream come true. I knew that he will sell it to me because we already deal about it last month. Once I reach the sales target, I am entitled to have that. Anyway, I still don't have a plan to do with my vacation point untill my boss recommend me to look for Aruba all inclusive vacation.

And guess what, it's the perfect choice for me because there's a long list name of thebest place that I can go. Sigh... if only I knew about this site, maybe I will cancel my previous trip because Aruba is like an "angel world". It's full of beauty places and also amazing scenery. The best about Aruba is you can hae your fun bikes, beach volleyball, the Divi Winds Sports Center, a 30-foot rock climbing wall and even a 9-hole golf.

Now what more can I say?

Loan For Future.

Believe it or not, we always make our own life in a difficult and sometimes it will be worst. The father is willing to do anything for his family like an emergency operation, or perhaps it was for something more frivolous, like an adventure holiday.

By that reason… this will involve the financial planning like taking a secured loan or any other financial advice.

What I wanna say here is that be careful with the money lender. If you want to apply for a personal loans, make sure that you look for the secured loan.

Unlike my country, apply for a loan is a difficult thing to do. It’s like pull a wind with your own hand. That’s why many people in my country always asking for a shark loan called Ah Long. Ah Long is a term for illegal loan sharks in Malaysia and Singapore. They lend money to people who are unable to obtain loans from banks or other legal sources, mostly targeting habitual gamblers. They charge a very high interest rate (around 120% p.a.) and frequently threaten violence towards those who fail to pay in time.

If you want to get more information about loans online, you better read this useful article from Loanwize. Or at least, you can read how important for you to compare which one is suitable for you; loan or an overdraft?

Got it?.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Laser Engraving a Pet Urns

The laser-engraved pet cremation urns on the HAL Woodworking website are remarkably lifelike. They have many samples of their work and hand craft each one with loving care. Afterall, pets are family members and deserve such a beautiful resting place, where everyone can remember the good times.

Bid And Win!

This is the only unique bid that I’ve ever heard all my life. For the first time I read this phrase "The lowest bid actually wins the auction", it's already caught my attention. So I look for further information about this unique bid auction and guess what I found… it's awesome !

Later, I get stunned for a while after I saw one of the prize that have been provided. It’s BMW 3 Series!!!!
It's unbelievable and if you ask me what prize for me to bid, definitely I would bid for my Canon Powershot SD30

Because my old digital camera was broken and I need a new one to replace it. Since bid4prizes is going to give me a new digital camera, I must give my best lower bid for it.

How much I would bid for it?
Well, how about $8.88?
It’s a good amount for me and if you want to bid for your own prize, you may do it now. Register now and don’t forget to look at the time remaining. As for me, I'm only have about 19 hours left!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Maria Veloso: Killer Copywriter

Since I started my blogging job, I had learn many style fo writing. This included how to write a good article, how to create a good simple entry and how to attract the readers.

But, I really want to know the real secret to keep love alive in a relationship. What I mean is that how to create a good relation with the readers. And I think Maria Veloso is a great person who can help me on this. Maria Veloso is the Director of Web Copywriting University, and is widely acknowledged as the leading expert in web copywriting. She also has dissected every aspect of well copywritten ads online to discover rules that tend to work best. She also likes to use "involvement devices" on her sites.

For your information, Maria Veloso already launched her book titled 'Web Copy That Sells.' This book provides the unique skills and techniques that enable a copywriter or anyone who writes online copy to flat out sell like never before.

So if you think that you want to be a good copywriters or anyone who needs to write copy for the Web, this is a good source for you.

Friday, May 25, 2007

The best inventory on new and used cars!

It's never easy to have to admit that you need a new car, but thankfully Conklin makes it easier. It's easy to see why they're the biggest dealer of Used Cars in Newton, Kansas. Just look at the selection!

I know you'll be impressed not just with the selection, but with the service you get from this Kansas Car Dealer. Don't let apprehension about getting a new or used car stop you from visiting Conklin they've been doing this for years and I know they'll have just what you're looking for.They'll be your first and last stop in your search for a new car.

PPP Direct: Neutral Review.

For the whole day, blogosphere are so busy about this new PPP Direct. I can see it in many blogs especially for the blog that have a big influence on how to make money online.

I have my own opinion about this subject and I looking it in a different way. As a hire bloggers, definitely I will try to compare it with others programme (Reviewme). So what I can say here is that maybe there will be a good and a bad effects about this "new stuff".

The bad things about PPP Direct (compare to Reviewme):

1) Reviewme already got their own marketplace and most of the review orders come from there. It's not because an advertiser visited the blog and saw the button. It's kind of "weird+wasted" thing for advertiser to do.

2) Do you think the advertisers will spare their time to find your site through general web surfing? If they really serious want to do it, wouldn't it be better if they pay the blogger "direct" thru email and save their cost (that 10%) rather than give that 10% to PPP?

The good things about PPP Direct (compare to Reviewme):

1) If blogger can get the opportunity (many opps) via PPP direct, then it's a good thing because PayPerPost tacks on only 10% to our direct price as their fee (it's another way around). That’s a lot better than the 50% commission ReviewMe takes.

2) We will see a new style of blogging in the future because this is another way of friendly review. We can have a good relationship with the advertiser for a long term. This new PPP Direct will make blogger more serious about on how to be make a good review. Remember... this is also a direct bonding.

Now that's my personal opinion. How about you?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

One way to ensure she says "Yes"

I know what you're thinking – "What if she doesn't say 'Yes'?" Fortunately, Danforth Diamond is here to help you with more than just selecting a ring from their huge selection of diamond engagement rings.

Danforth Diamond understands that popping the big question can be nerve-racking, and that's why they've come up with answers to the biggest questions you might have about the most important question you'll ever ask.

There are few people I can think of that are more qualified to help you with wedding rings and proposals. See what they have to say and you'll see why I put my trust in Danforth Diamond.

Smile, you're on Smile Credit Card !

Credit card's story will never end. I love to talk about credit card because if you know how to get a full benefit from your own credit cards definitely it can make your life easier.

Now, it's time for me to talk about this unique Smile's credit card. Thers is 2 types of credit card that you can get at One is Classic card and the other one is Gold card. Both of that cards got their own specialty. The classic credit card will give you a 0.5% cashback on every penny you spend. And with smile gold card, you'll enjoy fantastic rates of 9.9% APR typical/variable if you've got a smile current account and 14.9% APR variable if you don't.

Smile's credit card has been voted 'best credit card' four years on the trot at the Guardian Consumer Finance Awards 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005. You can pick between two cards, the classic card with cashback on every penny or the low rate gold card.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Paypal: When?

That will be my first question to Paypal. I wonder how long they need to solve this problem. It's already 3 weeks and nothing good news from them. I feel so miserable because nobody can help us (non U.S residents).

Perhaps, Paypal will end this confusing untill the end of this month. If not, I my USD300 will get stucked and it getting worst because all the money that come into my account will be re-fund to the sender. This is not cool!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Trade Show Booths That Are Easy to Set Up

Avoid the hassle of a heavy trade show display that requires a lot of set up by choosing a pop-up booth display from ExhibitDEAL.

They have everything you need for your trade show booth, from table throws to literature racks, and everything in between. The materials are lightweight, easy to transport and assemble in a snap.

Blog post sponsored by Make Money Blogging

Stupid Caller.

I don't know what's happening with my house phone today. I've got many wrong number call and most of them are questioning the same question. They look for the person named Julian. Hey I don't know who's that bloody person.

I am so angry about this stupid caller. Don't you get it? How many times I told you that there is no such person here? Why do you keep calling my number?

To those stupid caller. Stop it or I will give you my damn word!

Conservative Blog.

I already being a blogger for almost 2 years and since that, I'm noticed that not many blogger have an inner strength to blog about a political issue. But just now I just found a blog that really at it.

This is on of the best conservative blog that you can find. It's worth to read because all the opinion is very strict and if you look more deeply, you can see that the author is not a "chicken". He's dare to tell the truth.

Now which one is you... Conservative, Liberal, Democrat or Republican?
If you're a true liberal, democrat and republican.... why don't you try to find the truth about all his statements.

Come on...!!

New blog.

I just built one blog special for my own thought in Malay language. I think this will be my best place to express my own feeling with my own Malay words. Since it's still new, I have to put more effort on this blog and that's also mean I will get more busy this week.

I hope this blog can attract more readers because it's a good blog for the beginner. At the same time, I can get more traffic because I will put more money on the pagerank.

So wait and see.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Insurance For Pregnant Women?

I am so glad to know that there is an insurance that specialised for a "future mother". Sometimes, I'm always wondering why my country don't have this kind of good insurance. Frankly, I really think that this is a very good servicefor all pregnants women.

Each year, many pregnants women play with their life risk to give birth without a full "back up". Insurance for Pregnant Women is a great choice to realise it. It's a true that we can't predict what will happen in the future but at least, we can make a preparation for it such as a newborn for your first two years to help with checkups, immunizations, and any other medical costs that may arise.

Again, I am proud to know this kind of information because practically, you can save more. With a low monthly fee, I believe every "future mother" can afford it even for a single mother!!!

Lorelle's Bloggingtips Book.

This is a masterpiece from Lorelle's.

Lorelle VanFossen is a professional writer and the author of , a popular technical blog on WordPress and blogging. She is also the author of , one of the first personal websites on the Internet, featuring over a thousand articles on travel, nature photography, and life on the road, and , a genealogy blog.

Lorelle has written over a thousand articles on WordPress, blogging, and web design and development, receiving special recognition for her early innovative explorations into the possible in web design elements with her series on CSS Unleashed - Experiments with CSS Designs and other web designs, development, and standards.

She is an outspoken leader of web standards, accessibility standards and usability, and travels extensively to consult and present programs and workshops as a program leader, teacher and public speaker on web design, standards, blogging, and writing.

She works with many individual businesses, schools, non-profits, and other agencies as a consultant and educator to improve their web standards, policies, and practices.

For all those 'bloggers" who already leave their blogging world for a certain period of time, this is a good stuff for you to own.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Car Insurance at

Buy a new car for your father is a good idea for this next coming Fathers Day. This is one of the best way to show your love to your father. But, buying a new car is not good enough if you don't don't have a good car insurance. Trust me, you want the best for your father right?

So how to get a better quotes for your car insurance?
Do you have a proper way to compare instant quotes from top companies?

Yup, can help you for that.
This is a good resource for you to get more information about on how to compare. Here you ca easily compare accurate auto insurance quotes from the nations' top insurance companies. And the best thing about this services is that you can buy it online or over the phone!!!

What more can I say?
Check it for yourself!

Photobucket Is Sucks!!!!

I don't know what to say but I can't even login to my account at Photobucket!!! This is too bad for this big boy. For the whole day, I just saw the "waiting reply" signal I hate this!!!
It really sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now all my work was "hang" because I can't copy all the url links of my pictures. If only I knew Photobucket will be like this, I would not upload all my pictures to Photobucket yesterday.

Photobucket is SUCKS!!!!

Maybe PB should look for a big bandwith. If not, I will leave it and look for other "image provider".

myrtle beach golf

I think my mom will get surprised because my dad will bring her for their next "honeymoon". Yup, my dad just miss our "Mothers Day" party because he was at Singapore at that day. To express his sorry, he told me that he will bring mom for their favourite holiday that is GOLF!!!!.

Then, I checked at internet and guess what.... I just found one golf resort that's is Myrtle Beach Golf. I told my father that this beach golf is owned by PGA Professional William J. McGraw. Junior. And he said, he knows that.

Suddenly, he asked me about the payment. Hooo.. I told my dad that it's was so easy because all payment can be make via online. Well, I knew that he will ask me about the golfer price. So before he asking me again, I just informed him that it's below than $500.

Then he smiled... and I know what is mean. That's mean we will make our first booking to Carolina soon!!!!

Sing For Money!

Glad to know that I just sold one ebook for today. Almost 1 year I don't have any sales from ebook affiliation.

I hope I can sell it more tomorrow onwards. One for sure, my email marketing strategy was doing so well. And I think I will use this way to sell more ebook. So if you want to sell an ebook, how about try to sell it thru email?

Maybe it will look like spam, but actually... it's not.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mirella: Am I Your Next Date?

Ahaaa.a... don't laugh at me because maybe this is my last chance to date with her. I knew that she is looking for a guy like me...sighh...\o/.

Hey don't you want to have a date with her?
She is one of the hot girl in Hollywood yo... and since the Seduce A Celeb show still open a chance to all the guys out there, you should not miss this opportunity.

Being a famous celebrity is a difficult think to do. But if you want to be like her, maybe this is the smartest choice that you've ever had. Just make your as a good man, get her attention, think why she must choose you and be realistic.

Who knows, maybe you can have your first date with Mirelly Taylor.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Paypal: No Mercy.

Well, I think there is no chance for Malaysian bloggers to withdraw their money unless Paypal get back to their previous terms. I wonder why Paypal takes too much time to make a "correction" about this matter.

So what I will do next?
Yes... I will proceed to my next plan. I hope my E*Trade card will be in my mailbox tomorrow. Till then, I will continue to my new blogs.

Air Ambulance.

This is so cool!!

I never thought that I will see this kind of superb medical flight. I wonder how good are this people. They are so serious in helping people. I think people that live in florida, arizona, california, new york, texas is a very lucky people in this people because they can use this special medial flight at anytime. Well, this is not only about a business neither the money. But it's about their life. Can you imagine when your mother is dying and you have to send your mother to hospital, but at the same time the road was so damn busy?

Don't you think that you will need this air ambulance at that time?
Yes, this is the only company that provided this kind of service. Like I said, I never thought there will be this kind of emergency service before. It's like a dream come true. And if you think that this is a small domestic charter flight services, you're wrong. This is because all the aircraft are approved by the FAA for air ambulance with life support equipment onboard.

One more thing that you should know is they also have their Registered Nurses, Respiratory Therapists and Registered Flight Paramedics on board. We can arrange to have a physician or even your own doctor on board as well. Now if you think that you will need this AirAmbulance, it's better for you to keep this number; 1-800-827-0745 or International (USA country code)+305.868.5378 in your wallet or handphone or even at your wall (beside your house phone).

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Masterseek: Master Of Everything

masterseek is a nifty search engine that gives you contact information on nearly 50 million companies worlwide.

To ensure that you are visible to the internet community, certainly you should be listed/submitted there. But they are not the only options we have. As far as I know, there are more than 15,000 search engine cum directory listing in the market.

The site is easy to use. Just enter your own specific needs, products, or the services you're looking for to the whole global community.

Well, this is the right time to present your company needs to the world!

Bloggerwave: New Money Wave For Blogger.

So now, you do a paid to blog programme right?
Then why not you try this new paid to programme. I believe you can earn more money and not only that, this is a very simple programme. Since they’re new, their list of opportunities is still growing. But that’s good for you because you can get in on the ground floor, so to speak, and start developing your reputation as a reviewer.

Bloggerwave is a great choice for you because you can get your opportunity on time. Unlike other pay-for-review vendors, this one’s unique in that you can immediately accept an opportunity. No more submitting a bid and waiting to hear back from the advertiser. Just click “take this opportunity” and you’re ready to start your review on your blog.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Cheap Disney Tickets.

Welcome to Walt Disney World!
This is my dream place since I was kid. Even I know my parents can't fulfill my dream but I'm sure I will be there one day.

Have you ever been to this theme parks before?
Sometimes, I wonder why they can't form their next universal studio in my country. Sorry to say but I believe if they can make the second "Orlando Florida" here in my country, definitely the tickets will sold out on every weekend ( hey, here the weather is spring 365 days 24/7...)

Paypal Problem.

Hey, I would to tell you here that there is something happened with my Paypal account. I don't know why but I can't accept any fund at all.

So I think I will send an email to Paypal regarding this matter. So stay tune because once I receive the reply , I will share with you here in this blog.

Happy blogging!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

It's Time To Ambush!

Yeah... I like their song titled "Good Day For A Change" and I also think this is a special song for this guys. If you are a true fan of modern age music, you must know this Madison Ambush group. They already performed in many stages with their brand of non-ironic 80s hard rock with a modern edge.

Now if you want to listen to the song that I've mentioned above, you can hear it at their website!

Friday, May 04, 2007

How To Ask Alexa Crawler To Crawl Your Site.

This is an important list for you to make sure your site will be crawl by Alexa. The Alexa crawler (robot), which identifies itself as ia_archiver in the HTTP “User-agent” header field, uses a web-wide crawl strategy.

Basically, it starts with a list of known URLs from across the entire Internet, then it fetches local links found as it goes. There are several advantages to this approach, most importantly that it creates the least possible disruption to the sites being crawled.Alexa will not index anything you would like to remain private. All you have to do is tell them.

By using the Standard for Robot Exclusion (SRE).
The SRE was developed by Martijn Koster at Webcrawler to allow content providers to control how robots behave on their sites. All of the major Web-crawling groups, such as AltaVista, Inktomi, and Google, respect this standard.Alexa Internet strictly adheres to the standard:
The Alexa crawler looks for a file called “robots.txt”.
Robots.txt is a file website administrators can place at the top level of a site to direct the behavior of web crawling robots.

The Alexa crawler will always pick up a copy of the robots.txt file prior to its crawl of the Web. If you change your robots.txt file while we are crawling your site, please let us know so that we can instruct the crawler to retrieve the updated instructions contained in the robots.txt file.

So please use this tips:

To exclude all robots, the robots.txt file should look like this:
User-agent: *Disallow: /

To exclude just one directory (and its subdirectories), say, the /images/ directory, the file should look like this:
User-agent: *Disallow: /images/

Web site administrators can allow or disallow specific robots from visiting part or all of their site. Alexa’s crawler identifies itself as ia_archiver, and so to allow ia_archiver to visit (while preventing all others), your robots.txt file should look like this:
User-agent: ia_archiverDisallow:
To prevent ia_archiver from visiting (while allowing all others), your robots.txt file should look like this:
User-agent: ia_archiverDisallow: /

That’s all.

Welcome to Walt Disney World!
This is my dream place since I was kid. Even I knew my parents can’t fulfill my dream but I’m sure I will be there one day.Have you ever been to this theme parks before? Well sometimes, I wonder why they can’t form their next universal studio in my country.Sorry to say but I believe if they can make the second “Orlando Florida” here in my country, definitely the tickets will sold out on every weekend ( hey, here the weather is spring 365 days 24/7…)

If only I have a chance to be there, I will make sure my family will get the best service and a best accommodation. For my accommodation, I will choose Orlando Vacation Hotel because

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Next Holiday.

My father still has his time share points that he still not use for this year. Just now, he asked me about the balanced of that points, so I told him that the points is still available for our next trip (5days 4 nights) to Holiday Inn, South Carolina. Then, my father ask me about his

Then, I checked at internet and guess what.... I just found one golf resort that's located near to our "accommodation" place that is myrtle beach golf. I told my father that this beach golf is owned by PGA Professional William J. McGraw. Junior. And he said, he knows that.

Suddenly, he asked me about the payment. Hooo.. I told my dad that it's was so easy because all payment can be make via online. Well, I knew that he will ask me about the golfer price. So before he asking me again, I just informed him that it's below than $500.

Then he smiled... and I know what is mean. That's mean we will make our first booking to Carolina soon!!!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Book Or Magazines?

I still remember the day when I was in a college. Me and my friends has been given a task from our lecturer regarding of Bill Gates. This is the 2nd assignment of my Business Management subject. The first one is about Warren Buffet.

So what we did, we try to find many info about it and once, we went to library for an additional source but seems like there's nothing there. It's like a big cake with a mix vanilla + chocolate. I can't find the vanilla because somebody already took it.

What I mean is I just got the book about Bill Gates but not the latest magazines about him. For me, books just give me about 10 percent of what I need for my research because the contains was static.
But magazines always give me the latest news and that why I prefer to read magazine than a book. Hey....I'm not said that I hate book.... I still got many books in my room but the ratio is 3 is to 1. So now you know how many my magazines is!!!

Online University.

The following blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

My auntie was so happy today because maybe his son (my cousin) will be promoted to superior level. Well, that's what she said to me over the phone. But I'm not sure whether it's confirm or not. As long as I know, he (my cousin) told me that it's "maybe".

Actually, he told me that the he will got the position if he pass the "test" that will be held next month. Now he so scared because this is the 2nd test for him. Last time, he said all the test was suck because he can't answer half of it. Untill now, his mother still doesn't know about the 1st one.

Well, I hope he will pass the test. Eventhough my instinct saying he will "fail", but I know that it's too tough for him. Many times I said to him to apply for college degree online , he always refused it. He said experience is everything. But now, he realised that experience and academic must be attach together for a bright future.

Capella University is a good online unversity. Capella has already serves more than 17,900 students from all 50 states and 56 countries. I knew that he will get his degree online from this university.


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