Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bid And Win!

This is the only unique bid that I’ve ever heard all my life. For the first time I read this phrase "The lowest bid actually wins the auction", it's already caught my attention. So I look for further information about this unique bid auction and guess what I found… it's awesome !

Later, I get stunned for a while after I saw one of the prize that have been provided. It’s BMW 3 Series!!!!
It's unbelievable and if you ask me what prize for me to bid, definitely I would bid for my Canon Powershot SD30

Because my old digital camera was broken and I need a new one to replace it. Since bid4prizes is going to give me a new digital camera, I must give my best lower bid for it.

How much I would bid for it?
Well, how about $8.88?
It’s a good amount for me and if you want to bid for your own prize, you may do it now. Register now and don’t forget to look at the time remaining. As for me, I'm only have about 19 hours left!!!!!!!!!!

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