Friday, May 25, 2007

PPP Direct: Neutral Review.

For the whole day, blogosphere are so busy about this new PPP Direct. I can see it in many blogs especially for the blog that have a big influence on how to make money online.

I have my own opinion about this subject and I looking it in a different way. As a hire bloggers, definitely I will try to compare it with others programme (Reviewme). So what I can say here is that maybe there will be a good and a bad effects about this "new stuff".

The bad things about PPP Direct (compare to Reviewme):

1) Reviewme already got their own marketplace and most of the review orders come from there. It's not because an advertiser visited the blog and saw the button. It's kind of "weird+wasted" thing for advertiser to do.

2) Do you think the advertisers will spare their time to find your site through general web surfing? If they really serious want to do it, wouldn't it be better if they pay the blogger "direct" thru email and save their cost (that 10%) rather than give that 10% to PPP?

The good things about PPP Direct (compare to Reviewme):

1) If blogger can get the opportunity (many opps) via PPP direct, then it's a good thing because PayPerPost tacks on only 10% to our direct price as their fee (it's another way around). That’s a lot better than the 50% commission ReviewMe takes.

2) We will see a new style of blogging in the future because this is another way of friendly review. We can have a good relationship with the advertiser for a long term. This new PPP Direct will make blogger more serious about on how to be make a good review. Remember... this is also a direct bonding.

Now that's my personal opinion. How about you?

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