Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lorelle's Bloggingtips Book.

This is a masterpiece from Lorelle's.

Lorelle VanFossen is a professional writer and the author of , a popular technical blog on WordPress and blogging. She is also the author of , one of the first personal websites on the Internet, featuring over a thousand articles on travel, nature photography, and life on the road, and , a genealogy blog.

Lorelle has written over a thousand articles on WordPress, blogging, and web design and development, receiving special recognition for her early innovative explorations into the possible in web design elements with her series on CSS Unleashed - Experiments with CSS Designs and other web designs, development, and standards.

She is an outspoken leader of web standards, accessibility standards and usability, and travels extensively to consult and present programs and workshops as a program leader, teacher and public speaker on web design, standards, blogging, and writing.

She works with many individual businesses, schools, non-profits, and other agencies as a consultant and educator to improve their web standards, policies, and practices.

For all those 'bloggers" who already leave their blogging world for a certain period of time, this is a good stuff for you to own.


Lorelle said...

Thank you for the kind introduction and comments about my new book, Blogging Tips. I wanted it to be different from other blog books and I think I've succeeded. It's designed to be all tips, in the form of a check-off list so you can mark them off as you apply the tips to your blog.

Hopefully, this will be a helpful guide to many bloggers either just getting started or having jumped full tilt into blogging without knowing what they are doing.

Thanks again for the lovely introduction.

web standards said...

I think it's amazing and great the level that technology has taken us to. Anyone with the right amount of energy can really go somewhere in the world these days, from the comfort of their own home computer.

andy said...

I subscribe to lorelle's rss, great writer..


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