Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mirella: Am I Your Next Date?

Ahaaa.a... don't laugh at me because maybe this is my last chance to date with her. I knew that she is looking for a guy like me...sighh...\o/.

Hey don't you want to have a date with her?
She is one of the hot girl in Hollywood yo... and since the Seduce A Celeb show still open a chance to all the guys out there, you should not miss this opportunity.

Being a famous celebrity is a difficult think to do. But if you want to be like her, maybe this is the smartest choice that you've ever had. Just make your as a good man, get her attention, think why she must choose you and be realistic.

Who knows, maybe you can have your first date with Mirelly Taylor.

Who is Mirella Taylor?
Woooo.. don't tell me you don't know her. Mirelly Taylor is a hot girl. She has appeared on movies such as Kiss Me Again and Serving Sara and television shows including “Las Vegas”, “Punk’d”, and “Numb3rs”.

How to be the selected man for her next date?
As I said, try to be the greatest man on earth and try to seduce her thru your own video. Make her like you so much and fall in love with you. Remember, don't try to be a funny guy because there is thousand guys outside there that will give their best shot. So try to be different and if you can attract her to be her date, that's mean you are the lucky guy.

Now do you think you want give yourself a chance and try to date with Hollywood star?
Well, don't wait any longer. Get your Free videos at and be a real man!!

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