Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Maria Veloso: Killer Copywriter

Since I started my blogging job, I had learn many style fo writing. This included how to write a good article, how to create a good simple entry and how to attract the readers.

But, I really want to know the real secret to keep love alive in a relationship. What I mean is that how to create a good relation with the readers. And I think Maria Veloso is a great person who can help me on this. Maria Veloso is the Director of Web Copywriting University, and is widely acknowledged as the leading expert in web copywriting. She also has dissected every aspect of well copywritten ads online to discover rules that tend to work best. She also likes to use "involvement devices" on her sites.

For your information, Maria Veloso already launched her book titled 'Web Copy That Sells.' This book provides the unique skills and techniques that enable a copywriter or anyone who writes online copy to flat out sell like never before.

So if you think that you want to be a good copywriters or anyone who needs to write copy for the Web, this is a good source for you.

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