Friday, March 23, 2012

Tea Plantation in Malaysia.

I just came back from Cameron Highlands, one of the most best places in Malaysia. For your information, Cameron Highlands is the only country in Peninsular Malaysia that have the tea plantation. It covered most the area around the hill.

The tea plantation is like a nerve and a "gold mining" for Cameron Highlands. I wondering how is feels to be the owner of the tea plantation. If I am the owner, I always consider myself to buy gold bullion because it's a good investment indeed.

Hey, if you are the person who are into green scenery, I suggest you to go to this place... trust me, you will like it!

Gold mining holiday...?

If you ever been to Malaysia before, you will notice that there's a country named Johor that have a gold mine in a district called Segamat. The villagers always busy with their gold mining activities.

Even though the activity was conducted by the villagers, but they were not allowed to use any modern machine to do the mining. All they can do is only a traditional way and it takes a lots of work to get the gold.

I wondering if they can use sieves to separate the unwanted things... definitely they can save their time and energy.

Well, sometimes life can be simple for certain people.. but sometimes not. Agree?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

She will be loved...

So now you are looking for an idea on how to cheer your wife for this next coming anniversary right?

Well, don't confuse yourself because there's many way to make her happy. One of the best way to surprise her is by giving a great jewelry while you were enjoy your dinner... candle light dinner maybe...

To make it more sentimental and more romantic, invite her for a "honeymoon package" and let her know that you want to celebrate it...

Make the night as the memorable night and I bet, she will love you more... trust me!


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