Sunday, January 27, 2008

My old friend.

Yesterday, I just met one of my old friend. Actually, she just migrated to Singapore. She still like the same person that I ever knew. Gorgeus, brilliant and active girl. The only thing that look so different is she is more "rugged" and looks very up to date.

She also has a new hobby that I never expected. Yup, she is a car racer and I can see that from her car spoilers at her house.

Man.. how she can turn her self to a car racer?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sexy on holiday!

Who said you can't look sexy on your holiday?
In fact, I love to see sexy women each time I go for a holiday. Like what you can see in the picture above, that was one of the famous chemises lingerie that you can get at

You know what, lingerie is like an art for women. It really useful when you know the right time to wear it. Choosing a lingerie also is one of the most important factor because once you choose the wrong design for your body, then the day is over for you.


Live in a big city always need us to move fast. Means that we must do everything fast because we don't have much time to spend. Big city need us to think big. You must open your mind and get more exposure about what happening around you.

Same goes when you want to shift to a new house or a new apartment. You need to get a helper like this mover NYC company. They are so expert and they are willing to work for you untill you job is done. As I said, you need to open your mind.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Amazon Coupons - find the best deal for your holiday!

Sometimes, it's hard to find a good bargain on the net, isn't it?
I'm not talking about a discount that you always got for a Christmas or for a new year, but I'm talking about how you can get many Amazon coupons for today and tomorrow. Yup, there's one that provide many coupons for your to shopping online.

This site are very famous and but if you never heard of it before, then let me tell you here. It's So head over to their site now and grab your coupon!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Holiday ID.

Preparation is one of the most important thing before we want to go for a holiday. Same goes with your medical ID. This is something that we should not forget because it really useful in the emergency time.

What I'm trying to say is it will be better if you have many medical id bracelets so that you can wear it each time you want to go for a holiday.

Hey, the bracelets looks so beauty right?

Holiday meal.

Man... holiday is fun but sometimes, holiday also can be terrible. If you are a backpacker, maybe this will not gonna happen to you. But if you planning to go with your family, then you should take care of your daily meal.

While you were on your holiday, meal is something that we're gonna love. If you can't control your appetite, that will be worst because you have to work on your body at the end of the day. But if you really face this kind of problem, maybe you should spend some time to read more about what hoodia can do for you.

Well, prevent is better than cure!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bonus and holiday.

Now you will a receive a bonus for 2007 year right?
Well I know some of you already planned to go for a holiday with that bonus money but please don't forget to show your potential at your workplace because if you give the best result for your job, maybe your will get a high position in the future.

When this happened, definitely you can get a better high bonus because your salary level has changed. Good salary means good bonus equal to best vacation. So please make sure your performance management always in a good condition.

Travel with truck.

So you like to travel with your old truck huh?
I know many of you loves to travel with your old truck because there's a sentimental value about it. Most of us prefer to travel with it because it always remind us to our marriage sweet time.

But just want to share something about this topic. Don't forget to upgrade all your auto accessories because this is very important to ensure your truck will in a good condition.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Budget hotel.

So now you're looking for a hotel that full of bathroom vanities right?
Just want to share that those kind of hotel usually are the hotel that has a high rate of stars. What I mean is if you want to look for a hotel that look expensive and luxist, normally you have to pay more for it. Maybe a 4 and 5 star hotel.

If you have a small budget, then just choose a budget hotel or a lodge because it is affordable. Don't you think so?

Business and travel.

How many of you that love to travel and looking for an opportunity in the real estate business?

Well I've got one friend that like to grab a big opportunity oversea. I don't why he prefer to do it but he always said that a freelance real estate agent always a good businessman. They can close a deal wherever they want even on the ship.

As long as the land is undeveloped, then the real estate agent will always be there. Do you believe on what he said?


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