Thursday, August 11, 2005


HTML is short for HyperText Markup Language. For me, HTML is a "computer language" that can be translated into the normal text. Actually, I also don't know much about this HTML. It is because I don't have any basic or foundation in this kind of learning. My core is a marketing/business, from door to door, from office to another office, apointment, close the deal.... in another word, there is no such "HTML" word before this in my life.

But, when I found this person (Mr. SID), my acceptance for this "new world of HTML" has been changed. I'm now into a new studies. I try to learn the concept of web literature from the basics. I don't care if someone come to me and said "You're too late to start your studies.." The most important is I've got so many knowledge and information since I'm "zero" at the first. It's okey for me if you're a HTML "seasoned" person... but as I said, I will further my knowledge and I will share my knowledge with all my visitors.
(More about HTML article...)

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