Friday, August 05, 2005

Web site promotion.

Web site promotion is now getting more crazy in the internet. Me myself always got a pop-up about this when I surf the internet. However, if you think that you should have your own website... why not give a try then?

Well, there is so many website hosting offer this kind of service. Their marketing strategy is very simple. They just offer the internet users a free trial for their website. It's like they give you a free website. But, after a certain period of a time... they will send an e-mail to inform that the due date for the trial are around the corner.
This is the way to tackle back their free service from the users. And it happened after you start posting and create the website. So, what to do now?
I am damn sure nobody will not let their "free website" gone like that. There is no choice and users have to register or buy the website from them. And at the same time ...this also means that the promotion did well... isn't it?

But now... it's going different.
Even this type of the promotion is still going on, there is another type of website promotion that you should know. It is because this kind of website really give you so many free stuff.
I give an example that is BRAVENET.COM.
Here, anyone can download or use the interactive tools free....... such as hit counters, chat rooms, calendar classified ads and much more. Just sign up (FREE) and get the HTML code. After that, just paste it to your website.

Another one is 50MEGS.COM
I am very satisfied with the service. Untill now, they still offer a "ZERO" payment to those who want to start as a beginner. But, for those who are are seasoned in this... just sign up. It is because it's quite easy to build our own website with this web hosting. The template is already prepared and we just fill in the space that needed.

And I still proud of my first website. And I believe this kind of website promotion are very good for the long terms.

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