Sunday, August 07, 2005

Submit your URL address ...... now....!!!

Submit your url address now if you think your site is worth for it.
Don't let your good content "sleep" like that. If you think your site already had a good content such as good tips and good information.... well, come on and share it online...!

For me, I just started making my own blog (beginner). And I already submit my url to a few search engines. The main reason for that is to build a good traffic for the site. If the site got more traffic, there is a big chance to make money from it such as Google Adsense.

If you're not still sure how to make money from your site, you can check it HERE in my previous posting...and after that, I'm damn sure you will submit your URL address as soon as possible.

For any question, you can click at the website link that availabled at the top of my page site or just click at the link that I've prepared for you. And I'm sure it will give you a further information for that.

How to submit the URL address?
Okey... I will help you for that. For this time, I've already list about 6 weblink for you. Just pick one and register for it.

Usually, this is the most famous way to sumbit your URL address. Unless, if you want a simple way to submit your URL address... I still can help you for that. But please remember that..... there is more than 5 famous of search engine in the internet right now. And this SITE maybe can help you to make a submission to all those search engine with 1 click....!!

p/s: please download the WEBCEO software's FREE...!

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