Wednesday, August 31, 2005

My National Day....!!!

Today is my National Day....!!!

Merdeka....!! Merdeka...!! Merdeka...!!
This is the magic word for all Malaysian since 1957.
The magic word was announced by the Father of Independence that is Tunku Amdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj.
In other word, he is the 1st Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Tunku was born on February 8, 1903 in Alor Setar, the capital of the State of Kedah. He is the seventh prince of Sultan Abdul Hamid Shah, the twenty fourth Sultan of Kedah, and Che Manjalara. Said to be a robust and bright boy with a particular fondness for sports, Tunku received his early education at the Debsurin School, Bangkok and Penang Free School.

On a Kedah Government scholarship, he went on to study at St. Catherine’s College, Cambridge University, where he received his Bachelor of Arts in law and history in 1925. A firsthand experience in racial discrimination with the college’s administration was said to have intensified his conviction in fighting for equality and ignited his desire in making his homeland an independent state, free from British colonialism.

His leadership flair also unfolded in England. Realizing the Malay students there were not represented by any organization, he established the Kesatuan Melayu Great Britain (Malay Association of Great Britain) and became its first secretary.

After returning home, he joined the Kedah Civil Service as a cadet in the Legal Advisor’s Office, and then as a district officer in several Kedah districts. He proved unpopular among some British officials thanks to his outspokenness and tendency to introduce reforms in his quest to improve the living standards of the people.

Actually, I'm very proud to be a Malaysian. I can't imagine what will happened to me if my country still not get the Independence. The only that I can contribute to my country is to make it safe in all kind of aspect as long as I can.

But, I'm feel unhappy today because my boss still want me to come to the office ( from 9:30 a.m to 11:00 p.m).... huaaaa....!!!! huaaaa...!!!! huaaaa.....!!!

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