Sunday, August 07, 2005

Blog promotion.

Blog promotion is a good thing to know if we have a good blog.
In my previous posting, I did mentioned about web site promotion.
But, this time ... I will share the useful information about blog information.

We noticed that the blogs trend is already became a phenomenon. This is because all the bloggers may create their ownlife in their own blogs. Personally... I think by using our blog, we can share so many things in our life in very different of angles. But... for certain users, blog's almost make their life perfect. At the same time, it shows that blog has changed its function to a electronic diary and electronic library where you can find so many informations in it.
For me.... I already have both of the type of blog. And its really mean for me. Even at the first, I don't know about HTML, CODE, XML, RSS and etc.... I believe that by share the knowledge thru the blog, we can learn it slowly.

Back to the topic...... how to promote the blog?
How the make the blog interesting for others to read?
And if we think that we want to place our blog in the internet, blog promotion is an important thing to be committed with.
Since blogs have become more popular, more directories for just blogs have appeared over the internet. This directory and resource is made especially for anyone that always come to my blog. Here are a few places you can submit your blog to:

This is just a piece of info that I prepared for us to share it together. Actually, there is a lot of things that I should learn more. If I got more information on this, i will share with you about "blog promotion".

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