Friday, August 12, 2005

Google Adsense; Can I Do It...?

Google Adsense is a good making $$$ programme for me.
There is no limit for that since I more serious about this Adsense. How about you then...? Can you do it..?

Basically, everybody can do it. Yeah... it's quite boring and confuse for the first time. But if you keep to learn and try to make it as your normal "electronic" diary.... I'm pretty damn sure you will achieve your dream. In fact, there is a person outside there (worldwide..!!) now still making money online at this time while you were reading my article...!
So, why don't you...?

Now, let me share with you the basic thing if you're into this Adsense programme.

1) Create your own blog/website.
If you want to try this Google Adsense programme, I suggest you to use a blog. For me, Blogger is the best. It is because Blogger is very flexsible and easy to use. Even not log-in to site, I still can post my article by using a w.Bloggar.

2) Sign up and study the Google Adsense method.
Don't make a posting before you understand (fully) the whole Adsense method. The reason for that is there is a terms and regulations that you need to obey. If you're not follow the rules, Adsense will BAN your account...!
See the real banned account here: Wye Jon Lee & Lilian (blog).

3) Start posting.
Now, it's a good time for you to start your posting. But, please remember do not make the Google Adsense "angry " with your pasting... if not, just say goodbye to your blog. It is better for you to post a lot of article. The good amount of article for a starting is around 20 and above...! Furthermore, it may takes 3 days for Google Adsense to get approve of your Adsense application. And within 3 days, the Google's crawler and robots will determine either your article is "pass" or not.

4) Choose the suitable theme for Google Adsense ang Google search.
This is the important thing about Adsense (check it in your google adsense account). It is no use if you don't know how to make the Google Adsense looks attractive. For this method, you can get so many tips in the internet right know. Let me show an example hot to "customize" your Adsense. Point your browser to this site....

5) Always edit the content to check the density.
To "tackle" the Adsense crawler and the robots, you must know how to check the density of your content. By doing this, you can get the "right" Adsense for every page in your posting. If Google Adsense cannot detect the density of your content, you will see un-relevant url for your Adsense. Or it will be worst if Google change your adsense to the PSA (Public Service Ads). That's mean if someone click to that adsense, just assume that you just did a wellfare job (FOC - Free Of Charge -). How to check the density? Well, I will share with you on how to check the density.
Check The Density.

That's it for now. I will give you more tips and information in my next posting.
And feel free to spread widely my site to your friend, so that we can share more knowledge and informations among us... especially for Google Adsense...!


Anonymous said...

nice tips

Anonymous said...

Wow..great job. i've been looking infos on how to use Adsense in my small website. You are the best. Thanks again.

lira said...

I have found index with some guidebooks similar to your blog content and would like to share. There are interesting ideas for moneymaking, affiliates, work at home, etc. Get it and enjoy! :o)


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