Thursday, August 11, 2005

PC Performance.

PC performance is a main important for all PC users.
We always use our computer, but we also always forgot how to maintain it. Sometimes, we're neglect to "wash" our PC ....because there is no time for that. Wooo.... this is too bad because you will face with a big problem later at the end of the day. But nevermind because as usual, I will share with you some tips about this.

So, how to keep your PC running at peak performance....?

1st Tip: Clean up any Adware and scumware.
We know that the download process is an "auto" process that we can't filter or check it by details. I give an example such as Kazaa. I'm sure some of you ever use this software for music sharing. So, you must be careful for the programs that run in the background and advertise various offerings which can be targeted to match your preferences. So, my suggestion is just download this program. It's FREE........!
Spybot search and Destroy..

2nd Tip: Clean out your start-up files.
Nearly every program you load on your computer wants to be top dog. By that I mean when you install the program it usually sets itself up in your startup list. If you hit the Control-Alt-Delete keys once (if you do it twice you will reboot the computer and lose any unsaved work) you will be able to see all the programs that are running behing the scenes.
*** The more you have running that you are not using, the more memory will be taken up and the slower and less stable the system will be.Things like Anti-Virus programs and "system tray" should be left running but many others can be removed.To do this in windows 98/ME, hit "Start"-"Run"- and type in "msconfig" and enter, then choose the right hand top tab marked "startup" Uncheck all the programs that you aren't using all the time. You will be able to run them normally at any time from your start menu so don't worry about that.
*** Most of the programs can be identified by the program names at the right hand side, any that can't, you can always type it into google and see what comes up. Occasionally you find programs loaded here that are malicious programs such as Trojans or Browser hijackers that you definitely don't want. To get rid of them search for the filename in Google and then see if it comes up as a nasty and then get the info on how to remove from the anti-virus website.
You will notice a definite improvement in start-up speed and general running when these are removed.

3rd Tip: Uninstall any old programs that are no longer used.
This is a simplest thing but it's also known that PC users always ignore/forgot about it....!
As a conclusion, this EasyCleaner is the best back-up helper.

4th Tip: Invest in a good antivirus program.
You know the best antivirus program...isn't it...? Otherwise, you may try to check this software:
a) Shield-Antivirus.
b) Panda anti-virus.

5th Tip: Defragment your hard drive regularly.
As I said above, this is the main reason why we almost neglect or ignore to "wash" our PC.
Remember, don't say "I don't have enough time to defrag..." Please.... This process can take a long time on a large hard drive with badly fragmented files, so it may be advisable to set this running at a quiet time computer wise or even overnight. There is a another program I highly recommend for defragmenting which is called Diskeeper Lite and is much better than the built-in version that Windows has. It is available as a free download plus some more articles on fragmentation from here.

That's all for now. I will share with you more tips about PC Performance in my next posting.
Anyway as a conclusion, let's spend some time for your PC Performance.

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