Monday, November 21, 2005

Genius Boy In Malaysia.

I just finish read yesterday's newspaper.
I am not sure whether I am the last person in Malaysia who did that.
Even yesteday was a Sunday (weekend), I'm still on duty at my office from 10.00a.m untill 10.00p.m. Working as an Education Caunsellor sometimes needs me to be punctual all the time.

But, the only thing that makes me alert about yesterday's news is an article about this boy named Adi Putra.
By the way, what I want to say is that this is the next "SuperBoy" in Malaysia and believe it or not, he already solved an Additional Mathematics problems meant for secondary level (17 years old math's syllabus). No matter what kind of questions is that, he can answer it all perfectly even he is a a 6-year-old boy...!!!!

Is it because of the genetic?
Or is it ONLY because of the "GIFTED" from God?
Or this situation just happened 1/1,000,000 in our true life?
If you think so, you're wrong!
It will not just happened like that my friends. I believe all children are born geniuses. The person who make this "miracle" happened is their PARENT. This is a good example of parent that we're looking for. In any kind of form, younger children can absorb many information.

" The younger children are, the faster they learn. It is in fact easier to teach a one-year-old child to read that seven year-old"
. Professor Glenn Doman.

Now, let's share some idea here. As I said, as an Education Counsellor.... this kind of info was already part of my presentation and I believe it 100%. The reason for me to said that because I believe of what I've learned and there is a prove for it scientifically. Start from the left brain and the right brain, neuron connectivity untill the brain stimulation... all this "thing" must be given to the younger children at first six years of their lives de-genius-ing them. And it should began from HOME.

Brain stimulation
is the most important thing as parents should know. The more they asking, the more information they need. Unfortunately, some parents discouraged their children from asking questions and learning.

That's the fact. With such resounding official support, early home-based learning could well be a normal process in Malaysian homes of the future. I hope so.

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