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Brain is not a computer.
Actually, the brain begins working long before it is finished.

At birth a baby's brain contains 100 billion neurons,roughly as many nerve cells are there are stars in the Milky Way. That's why if we look more into it, we may find that children is the most "easy to learn" category rather that us (mature). The neuron insides our brain already start to expand and it will make a link up journey. As a parent, you must fill the "neuron-space" that "expanding" before the neuron "stop-and-die". The neuron will "live-and-die" after certain time.

How the neuron make their own link up?
Well... this time I will share the process that occured ahen we was child. And of course, you must take positive for what I'm wrote here.

(real graphic of neuron : 400x)
1st stage:
An embryo's brain produces many more neurons, or nerve cells, than it needs, then eliminates the excess.

2nd stage:
The surviving neurons spin out axons, the long distance transmission lines of the nervous system. After their ends, the axons spin out multiple branches that temporarilyconnect with many tergets.

3rd stage:
Spontaneous bursts of electrical activity strengthen some of these connections, while others (the connections are not reinforced by activity) a trophy.

4th stage:
After birth, the brain experiences a second growth spurt, as the axons (which send signals) and dendrites (which receive them) explode with the connections. Electrical activity, trigged by a flood of sensory experiences, fine-tunes the brain's circuity----determining which connections will be retained and which will be pruned.

Anyway, this is the true fact about Wiring The Brain. Always be proud of your children and never estimate them.

Let's help our children to improve the potential of their BRAIN.
What to do about Your Brain-Injured Child
What to do about Your Brain-Injured Child

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