Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Adsense Make Money; My Journal (8).

How was your Meta Tag subject?
Are you did it in a correct way?
Well, the Meta Tag is not as difficult as you think... isn't it..?
Anyway, congratulations for what you've done untill you reached at this level.

Now, after we're dealed with Meta Tag, what should we do next...?
NO...! It is because that's the last point for we to discuss about.
If you asked me, I will say that for this time being,.....I need to concentrate to my "keyword" of my articles/content.

Actually, this is the MAIN point for us to highlight about.
Everbody in the "adsense programme" already knew this.
As I wrote in the Real Journal (7), Googlebot will send it's "SPIDER" in order to index our content.

From here, the "Adsense" will appear based on what we're bubbling about (relevant).
Bear in mind that if we're not take it seriously, there is a BIG chances for us to receive the "Public Service Ads (PSA)" by the Google and for all the adsense participate......that's mean NOTHING!.

More .....

Why we must create the relevant content ?
Why can't we just write whatever we want to?
In fact, this is my blog right...? why...why...why....??

Opssss... never think of a questions like above.
We must know that there is 2 type of blog.
First is our "Personel Blog" and the second one is the "Personel and Not Personel Blog". But, what are the different?
The different between both of that type of blog is the CONTENT...!!
I repeat it again's the CONTENT...!

If we're into the first type of blog, as I said .... this is a Personel Blog.
Here, nobody will disturb on what we're doing or what we wrote. Simply write and express out ourselves on this "electronic paper". And Google also don't wanna know about that...!

But, if we're into the second type of blog.... please, watch out carefully my friend.
We're not supposed to ask so many questions about it.
Like I said, this is your "Personel and Not Personel Blog."
Still confuse....?
What the hell that I'm talking about...??
Calm down... relax my friend, coool....!

Allright..... allright.. it's gonna be like this.
When you're into this 2nd type of blog, that's mean we're already "AFFILIATE" with the Google. And this is what I mean a "Personel and Not Personel Blog". There is certain PART in our content that we're FORBIDDEN to do. All the terms and conditions had stated in the Adsense T.O.S (Terms Of Service)...remember???

Are we clear...?
Nevermind, I will share with you more on "Nice Content" in the next posting.

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