Monday, September 05, 2005

Adaptor Charger for laptop.

Adaptor charger is a "nerve" for the laptop.
Ermmmm.... so today, I just wanna tell you that I'm very dissapointed with the price of this cable in Malaysia.

Actually, my house just been "hit" by the high voltage from the Tenaga Nasional (TNB- Malaysia Electric Sole Supplier-). So, we make a complaint to the TNB's customer service. After that, they said they will come to my house within 1 hour. We're waiting untill the technician come, because we don't have any choice...... it's already 3:00 a.m in the morning...!!!!

Then, the technician came and fixed the problem. He said that there was a "cable-cross" between my house's cable and another house cable. And then, he gave the the simple explanation for where the high voltage came from......"maybe it's happened (cable-cross) because of the wind...." Ohhhh.... I can't believe this...!!!

That morning (3:00 am), there is a few of my stuff in my house was "BURN" .... my mother's room air-cond, my Astro Digital Multimedia Terminal... and my brother ADAPTOR CHARGER FOR LAPTOP...! Try imagine that there is no chance for me and my brother to use that laptop anymore. Luckily, the laptop was unplugged at that time.... if not, that COMPAQ PRESARIO V2000 also "GONE" like that.....

So, on the 10.00 a.m in the morning, my brother just went off with his motorcycle to find a cable in the normal shop (cheaper). He don't want to buy the original adaptor charger cable from the original dealer because he's short of money at that time. So, even the guarantee period for the laptop still left for a 6 months more, we don't have any choice at all. It is because the main T.O.S for the purchase of this COMPAQ (laptop) is that we must send back the whole set for the services.
What I'm thinking right now is WHY the price for the Adaptor Charger Laptop is too expensive...!!!???? Something wrong here... or maybe I'm stupid in this matter.

One day after that, I try to survey the price for this type of cable in the internet.
First, I try checked it at the Amazon... but I'm very dissappointed with the result.
Second, I try look in the Costcentral, now I got a little bit of information... but, it is not compatible with my model. In this website, it's just shows the HP Compaq Business and HP Compaq 2218RS only.
So, I try to check it in the PriceGrabber,and here I found that all the accessories definitely EXPENSIVE...!!

So guys, can you tell me why it is too expensive for us to buy this adaptor charger for laptop......???

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