Friday, September 09, 2005

Adsense; Good Tips.

It'a all about Google Adsense....!

Yesterday, one of my friend asked me about the Google Adsense at the office. He really want to know this program but at the same time he 's not really confident. Then I said, it's depend on your believe. After I told him a little bit about Adsense, then he made a decision to start his first blog., I just wanna tell you that it still not late for you or anybody to start the Adsense program.

Today, I will share with you about the "formula" to "tackle" the google's crawler for your adsense. This is an important point for us to get the right adsense for the right article that we've been posted.
As for me, this is the main problem that I didn't realised at first. But, after I got this tip from Mr Sid (my friend), I re-edit the certain article for many times (untill I satisfied)...!
And it works...!!

Basically, we have to put the keywords at the "location" that "strategic" for the "crawler". This crawler will "spider" your "logically" keywords for that article. Bear in mind that those "KEYWORD" must get along with your posting "TITLE". If not, maybe all the adsense that google sent into your page are screwed up or it may change to P.S.A (Public Service Ads-no payment-)

Okey, I will tell you more on this:

1) Make sure your posting title is clear and easy to build a readers curiousity.
Example: Google Adsense; Make money.
not like : There is a way to make money.

2) You must allocate the keyword in your FIRST paragraph!! This will give a "HINT" to the "crawler".

3) Never write the statement that's not related to your topic (unless if your posting just a normal posting and it has nothing to do with adsense. e.g: article for your feelings and joking post).

4) Don't forget to put again your keyword at the last of your WORD for that posting TITLE. Example, if I started with "Google Adsense" as my "intro", I must finish it with "Google Adsense" too...!

5) Lastly, don't forget to check your density. Just put your blog/website's url in the colum's given. And if you think that your density's percentage was too low, just re-edit untill it increase.

( If you want to start your first adsense, feel free to read my previous article about "adsense preparation" here...)
( For more details about how to make money, click here...)

So, I hope this simple article can help you to start your Google Adsense...!

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