Thursday, September 29, 2005

Adsense Make Money; My Journal (9).

Currently, I'm still learning the best way to create a "Returning Visitors" to my site.
How about you...?
Actually, there is some people outside there (making money with adsense) that felt happy right now just because of their returning visitors that've been increased everyday and they cannot stop it...!
Try imagine that...!!

But, let's forget it for this moment.
Because today, I wanna share with you on how to create a link-up between your title and your keyword content in order to make the content is relevant as it can be due to adsense.

How to make sure our content might attract the right adsense to our webpages?
The only way to do that is by:
1) Planning.
2) Edit.

What is the "Planning"?
Planning is important for us in order to make sure that our content still in the "good condition".
Don't ever write down the "forbidden word" that will make Google "angry" such as racism, nudity or etc (read Adsense T.O.S).

Just proceed with your own idea and who knows, maybe people will "fall in love" with your content/article.
In my previous content, I did mentioned about "the type of content ". So, suit yourself.

Anyway, let me give an example.
Let's say that you want to write about a "Bird".
Don't just write a common list of bird such as:
- bird can flies.
- bird lay egg.
- bird has a wings.
- bird has a feathers.

But, be more specific and accurate like this:
- bird lay egg.----> is it a reptile?
- is bird a mamalia?
- bird can flies? -----> how about penguin? can Penguin flies...? but, we still called it a "bird" ...isn't it...? If we say the bird can flies, well how about an aeroplane? Is an aeroplane a bird?
- bird has a wings? ----> how about Fly? do we called a Fly "bird"?
- bird has a feathers? ----> Ostrich also has a feathers.... it's still a bird right? but, can Ostrich flies..??
- platypus also has a feathers, but is it a bird...?

So, what is the bird actually?

If you can elaborate more on a good link-up between your title and your keyword content like this, I'm damn sure you that you will get the relevant adsense on your webpage. Worth it...right?

Anyway, I hope you can get somet useful info today from my article.
Keep on the track and remember this:
"Don't ever SHOW the content, but SHARE the ideas".
Definitely, people will support us if they like our ideas. Am I right?

Wait for my "tips" on Edit the content and how to check the DENSITY.
Bear with me.... I'll share it with you on my next posting.

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