Tuesday, September 13, 2005

New Logo from Mr Sid. is my 2nd blog.
Actually, I have 3 blogs right now but my first blog is not doing well. So, I assumed that the 1st first blog is my "trial" blog. From there, I come up with my 2nd blog (this blog) and luckily, it's still maintain untill now.

So, let me tell you more about this blog.
This blog is 100% in English..... not like my 1st blog, it's a mix blog (Malay+English). So, I never take it as a serious thing. But, for this blog...I tried to give a 100% of my effort so that my readers may understand what I'm posting for.

From the beginning, I didn't realised about this problem because I think it will not give me a problem!
So, I never take care of it. But, after certain changes that I've implement to this blog.... later I know that I should give a little bit focus on the logo.

Hey, you wanna see my previous logo...?
Well, this is my 1st "logo" for this blog.

Later, I tried design another logo and this time I asked my friend of mine (Mr Sid) to give a comment about it. Wanna see it?
Take a look.

Opsss... if you're noticed, there is a "torchlight" picture on the right side, isn't it? At first, I want to make it as my "symbolic" logo. It is because the in Malay language, "lampusuluh" means "torchlight".

Now, let's check out my 3rd logo.

This is a funniest logo that I had....!!!!
I did it on purpose to give a different impact to my readers. And I really want all my visitor know it. So that each time they're spending their time here... it will give a meaningful to them. The reason I put the "finger" logo is just to make it suitable as it can be. Basically, I just want my readers felt that this logo is "fix" with my blog TITLE that is "Click To Know...! Ask For More...!".
But, as you can's all suck!

Then, Mr Sid come out with his own idea. The logo that you saw above is from him actually and he created it special for me...
Thanx to Mr Sid and as far as I know, he also just changed his blog's logo.
Take a look!

Isn't it nice and can you see the big "J" from here...??

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