Friday, September 30, 2005

Adsense; Re-direct.

This is the "favourite" topic about adsense.
But, before we go further... I just wanna share with you all the real fact about adsense.
Today, all the blogger already know about the ADS-sense and they will not click it.
In fact, they do the same thing and they wish we will click their ADS. Am I right?

So, what should we do...?

For me, I will forget about this scenario. Why....?
It's because we are not open our mind to look further about "Actual Market" around us.
Actually, there is a million of internet users currently still "ZERO" about adsense.
They love to read our articles and our stories.
So, why we're so negative for the adsense market....?

As for me, I'm still earn the money from Google and so on....
Don't ever say " it's too late for me..."
Just give ourselves a quality time to know more further about this programme.

Anyway, keep in our mind that Adsense is always an ADS.
The only thing that we have to do now is just keep concentrate on the content and make sure we customize the adsense as a part of the content.


1) Avoid looking like an ad.
Not all the visitors will keep straight to the content. If we just let the adsense stay like that (like no obligation) they will click on it. But, for the old bloggers, they will ignore it.
Anyway, try to have the ads blend in with the page. U may try take a look at this site. This a very good example on how to blend the adsense with the content.

2) By incidentally.
Sometimes, eyes mapping will give a relevant spot to the visitors.
For sure they will not look to the ads. So what should we do is "wake up" their eyes spot to the most weird area in our webpages. You may try this skill but it is not suitable for the long term and you must change it after certain period.

This skill was quite suitable for the blog that already has a thousands of reader. It's quite simple and it must be get along with the HOT topic that you wrote.
Just highlight the adsense (especially the Button (125x125) size...!) with the "WEIRD" color.

Make it as a grabber and try to put the readers in a "questions mark ZONE". I'm damn sure they will click on it because of their curiousity. This is what we called it an Adsense... am I right?

p/s: I've done it before...!!! (thank you Mr Sid for the idea).

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