Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Adsense Make Money; My Journal (7).

Are you ready for the next step...?
After we locate the adsense in our blog...what should we do?
Waiting for the money...??
No.....!! It's NOT...!!!
Money will not come just like that.
Many people out there always think that after they got the adsense in their blog, they will earn some money from Google..

At this stage..... for me, we must categorised our blog in the blogfamily.
The main reason for that is to let the search engines (Google/Yahoo/MSN,etc) know what type of blog that we have.

But, how to "inform" the search engines about our blog category...?

The answer for that is by using the Meta Tag..
A meta tag is a coding statement in the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) that describes some aspect of the contents of a Web page. The information that you provide in a meta tag is used by search engines to index a page so that someone searching for the kind of information the page contains will be able to find it. The meta tag is placed near the top of the HTML in a Web page as part of the heading.

More about Meta Tag ......

What I mean here is, we need to create the Meta Tag for our own blog.
By that, we already "inform" the Googlebot for the "indexing" process.
What is Googlebot?
Googlebot is the Google's crawler that uses on a daily basis to find and index new web pages.
Why the webpages need to be "indexed"?

The answer is we must know that Google views every page of a Web site as an autonomous entity, so if you have pages that aren't updated for months at a time, they'll only be spidered infrequently, whereas pages that are updated every day or two (e.g., a weblog, etc) can end up being spidered every day.

How to create the Metag TAg...?
It's very simple..
Just point your browser in the links that I've given below, and then... fill in our blog particulars info, and adapted it in our blog tempate...!

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