Saturday, November 19, 2005

Broadband Phone Call (VoIP).

It's a new trend for the telecommunications company to "pursuit" this challenge (VoIP). No matter which country you are, this is a valuable business that they must get involved with. And for those who are still lack of this information, they must take seriously about this. Why?

For me, I already keep in mind that "hi-tec communication" always got his own "enemy". Either we realise it or not, it will come to the next stage automatically but now, I don't want to talk about it..... later allright? As for now, I just want to share some ideas about broadband phone call (VoIP).

Do we still remember about the "MIRC-fever"?
Allright, let's recall and give a damn good flashback to the time where we're fall into "MIRC (chatting)" fever...!!!

Did anyone still remember about it? I've bet that everybody had their "nice-experience" including me myself.
In my case, I always want to call the "girl" that I've chatt with. At that time, I was 16 and "chatting-MIRC" is became my hobby. So, everytime I log in, the feeling was so great and the curious was to high because I really want to hear her voice and the face of that "girl"....ahakssss. That's why my father said " don't you ever make a (long distance) phone call without my permission! The phone bil will be increase!" Yeah... I still remember about it.

But now, it will be no problem at all. We got so many choice regarding this matter. No need to control the budget for the telecommunications side. If you're stayed in the US, Canada or Puerto Rico ... why not you try this Vonage service.
"You won't need a new phone to use Vonage. Your existing touch-tone phone is fine. Instead of plugging it into a jack, we’ll send you a free phone adapter that connects to your high-speed Internet line. Just plug your phone into the adapter and start making calls." - Vonage.

And for the Malaysian (my country), we already got ours. Well, how about you try the Redtone 015 service.
What is Redtone 015 ?
"REDtone015 is a global Broadband Internet Telephony Service. Basically, it routes all phone calls via Broadband Internet Access. You can be anywhere in the country or the world. Once you access the Internet, you can enjoy the REDtone015 service at very competitive rates."-Redtone.

But for me, I'm still use my Skype service. It's very good indeed. Want to try? Point your browser here and you can download it for free!

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