Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hello...from GadgetBlog.

It's quite interesting when someone from the send an e-mail to me.
At first, I thought that this is a normal e-mail that I've subscribe for.
But after I checked it again and again, I found that this is not a normal e-mail.
It's because the owner of this GadgetBlog is a member of the network...!!!

Yes... thanks to Colbert Low for your e-mail.
Who is Colbert Low?
Colbert Low is the editor of the TheGadgetBlog. His blog was nice and attractive eventhough the "template" are quite famous. Again..... thanks to you Colbert for your "complimentary" about my another blog that is (gadget blog).

For our information, TheGadgetBlog now is a part of the Blogging Network (b5Media).
And for this qualification, I would like to congrats Colbert for his effort.
Dudes..... you did it man...!!

As far as I know, b5media is not a normal "blogging-network" that you can join easily. There is a "rules" that you have to obey. And as a Malaysian, I'm very proud if any Malaysian can do it.
Opsss... congrats to Liewcf also...!!!

Bear in mind that this blogging network also joined by the Problogger (Darren Rowse).
It's known that Darren was the famous bloggers among us. Try to imagine the situation if your blog was invited by the network. Isn't in great when you can have a link with the "high page rank" site..?

By the way..... Colbert, are you a Malaysian?


colbert said...

yes. I am 100% Malaysian and proud of it.

colbert said...

thanks for the kind words. *blush*

Malaysia Boleh ! If I can do it, so can any Malaysian. Just do it !

ombak said...

Well, colbert...

I will say that I am very proud of you dude.
I'll be "there"...



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