Monday, October 03, 2005

Adsense Make Money: My Journal (11).

Now let's continue with our basic topic.
Do we still remember about the "DENSITY" topic...?
Do we use it to check the density for our articles...?
For those who still can't get it, just go to My Journal (10) first. If you're prefer to do it with your own way, it's okey..... but, if you want to share to share it together with us... that will be MORE okey.... LoL...!!!

Now, what is the next step...?
The next step is "update' your knowledge about the adsense. Feel free to learn more adsense tips in the internet.
All I can say here is just "learn" and keep more info about adsense. I promise that I will list down the best site and forum for you to "join" in order to enhance our knowledge regarding this matter.

For now, I'm going to share with you about my another step.
This is the most tough (technically and mentally) that I've ever did regarding this "adsense-business". But, I'm pretty damn sure you will continue your "make money with adsense" if you're with me since at first, right...????

Before I tell more into it, let me ask you something.

How to tell the WORLD about our blog?
1) By mail?
2) By mouth?
3) By e-mail?
4) By sms?
5) By advertisement?

Hah... hah... hah....!! For me, I can say all the answer above is a right answer. But, some of them are not practically and it will give us a high cost and "too risky" (avoid from getting ban..!).
So, what is the best way to tell the WORLD about this?

Based on my experience, the best way for me to tell the WORLD about my blog is by "ONLINE PROMOTION". There is a big different between this method of promotion and the rests.

Well, how about this?

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