Friday, October 21, 2005

Microsoft Office "12"

Have we check our Windows news lately?

If not, maybe this posting will give us some idea about it.
Other than the cool keyboard shortcuts that I've been listed down before , there is some part that I want to higlight it here.
Yup, it's about the Microsoft Office "12".

What is Microsoft Office "12"?
-----------> This is the most significant release of Microsoft Office since Office 95,” Gates said. “Office ‘12’ has all the essential ingredients to deliver an incredible productivity boost for millions of people around the world. But that’s only half the story.
The expansion of server and developer capabilities in Office ‘12’ are a great illustration of what is possible with today’s platform. These improvements will help spur greater group and organizational productivity and expand the opportunities for developers.” -microsoft-

Microsoft Office "12" is being redesigned (is it so special?) to make it easier for people (like us?) to find and use the features and commands they need to get the results they want (no need to think if we're a Linux user).

What makes the Microsoft Office "12" special?
------------> When planning the next release of the Microsoft Office system of products, we took on the challenge of making the core Microsoft Office applications easier to work with. Taking into account extensive usability data and recent advancements in hardware and software, the team has delivered the most significant update to the Microsoft Office user interface (UI) in more than a decade. The result of these efforts is a user interface that makes it easier for people to find and confidently use the appropriate features they need to get the results they want. -microsoft-

Let's take a look the new "appearance" for this Windows (click to enlarge):

1) Command Tabs.
2) Contextual Command Tabs.
3) MarginGalleries.

"Microsoft Ofiice "12" is expected to lauch/ship in the second half of the 2006, with a limited Beta released this fall".

Now, am I on my way to see a comment/opinion from you guys regarding this new Windows?

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