Thursday, October 20, 2005

Chitika Is Not For Us?

The latest news that I've got (from chatting) is Chitika will not accept the publishers from the Asia...!!
Is that true...?

Maybe this is a joke but I will send an e-mail to the Chitika's support team regarding this matter.

Anyway, it's been 1 week for me (not online) to put an article in this blog.
Yeah... I don't have a time (quality time) for it.
Being as an Education Counsellor is not as simple as I thought before.
This job really "steal" my time and it's getting more "worst" lately.
However, I think I'm on a "track" for blogging now...LOL.
I'm bacckkk.....!!!

Yesterday, I've got an invitation from "_____" regarding the new way to make money (online) and currently, I'm still study for the fully method. Definitely, I will share it here later...!!

Opss... got another message. Gtg...


LcF said...

Chitika accept Asia publishers, but clicks from some Asia countries are not counted.

I am from Malaysia, I got paid by Chitika.

ombak said...

ooo... i got that...!

thank you my friend...
things getiing clear now.


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