Friday, December 16, 2005

Ad'sense Sick During Christmas?

Has anybody notice about our ad'sense yesterday?
Is something going around here?
Or am I miss something important?

Yesterday was so different.
I found there is something fishy about the ad'sense. I'm noticed that the most weird thing happened for the last 2 days is about the ad's itself. I don't know what's the actual reason from Google.... all I know is about my latest adsense (mine) was shifted to the sofa, cushion, leather seat and etc. The truth is, there is no related ad's at all...!!

Then, I asked my best friend (Jamloceng) about this. To be honest, I really want to find out what is the actual reason. And guess what? What a shock. He told me the same thing...!! And then, I tried to investigate this "phenomenon"... ahaksss. From one website to another website..... from one blog to another blog.... untill the final stage.

And at night (last night), I got the answer. Maybe this is not the correct answer. But I can say that, this is the only logic reason that I have. You know what.... based from my "investigation", I found that there is something wrong with the Google's crawler. I made a comparison between "paid hosting user" and "free hosting user" and the truth is:
| " This "phenomenon" will involve the "free hosting user" only and not to the "paid hosting user". So if we're using the blogspot, be prepared. For the blogspot user, most of us will have this kind of "unrelate ad's". |

So, what's happened to the Google's crawler lately?
Is ad'sense assistant (crawler) sick?
Or it might be because of the Google's inner problem?
Why the "paid hosting user" freely out of this "phenomenon"?
Is the blogspot user will face this kind "unrelate ad's" again?
If yes, why...?
Is this mean the blogspot user don't have any longer priority?
What if Google's forfeit their ad'sense programme suddenly?

Can someone answer that ....?
C' mon.....!!!

p/s: Or this is a "Christmas thing" from Google?....LOL!

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