Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Black Metal Ideology Sites?

"Do we need a Black Metal's music in our life?"

This is the "hot" question in the music arena lately. And it is too subjective for me to highlight it here in my blog. From the 1st day since I'm blogging, I never write anything about the music so far.... ermmm, maybe this is the first?

Black metal is a musical genre related to styles of heavy metal such as death metal. Some black metal fans, musicians and critics use a strict definition of the genre, though others view this as limiting and view black metal more as an artistic movement than a sub-category of popular music .
Anyway, as I said ... this is the subjective topic to be highlighted of. And I believe among the Black Metal's fans, they got their own definition and nobody can deny that. The definition that stated above is just an "outside" define about their music. But, do we know about their "life trend"? What is the "inner" religion that they're stick with?

If we look deeply more about this kind of "life trend" , surely we knew that this is a rubbish.
If we have our own religion (Christ, Buddha, Tao's, Islam or etc) definitily we will sing the "same song". We believe to our own God and the way of life. Nothing can stop our belief. Correct me if I'm wrong, all religions will drive their converters to the positive and healthy life.
....................................................same goes to them (that's why they're not believe to the God).

As a blogger, there is a lot of the Black Metal blog/website around us. For those who already have a family, make sure you tell your children about this kind of life trend via this music's genre. In a certain way, it might influence your children soon. In my country, this kind of "negative life trend" now already being a phenomenon. They got a lot of fans...!
And what makes me more hate to this Black Metal's is the "life trend" that they bring up together. It's so disgusting and annoying.

Have you ever heard about this Black Metal group like Deicide, Legion Of Doom and Mayhem?
If you don't, please be careful if you see your own son or daughter wear their shirt. Names like Benton, Brian Hoffman, Steve Ashem, Eric Hoffman, Per Yngve Ohlin and etc) was so famous amongs them. And this group was so strong in their "world" (metal's stream).
Take a look at this lyric:

"I killed Jesus,
Just to see him bleed on his pulpis throat,

I am EVIL,

I'm the Deicide and I killed the LORD,
No more reasons,
I will kill the world in another form,

I rule this world,

Arrggghhhhhh...!!! " ------- Benton (singer)-Deicide.

In one interviewed between Benton and a journalist before, he said that Satanic also is a way of life. Satan is not an ugly thing that we're thinking of. And then, he spread that idea in their songs. So, this is a STARTER for the Satanic Death Metal in the Black Metal's stream. It going worst , isn't it? I told you....

Want to study more about this Black Metal's stupid "life trend"?
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Anonymous said...

youre gay and glen benton is the best along with per, how dare you hate on two of the most influential metal singers ever concieved.

Silje Marlen said...

Haha, this is just ridiculous!


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