Wednesday, December 21, 2005

No 1 At Yahoo Search Engine?

It's sounds funny, isn't it?
Me myself also was shocked at first.
The question is when is the actual time it happened and how.
Anyway, this is good news for me and it will make my readers more easier to find me in this blogosphere.

Yesterday, I gave a check at my Extremetracking data. And later, I saw that there is one word at the searh engine's report regarding my name -ombak-. After I clicked at that link, it's really shocked man...!
I never thought that my name -ombak- will take place to be the 1st at the Yahoo Search Engine compared to the rest ombak's name. I still remember at the day first, I try to put my name -ombak- at the search engine but nothing happened. Not just Yahoo Search Engine, but to the all search engines that I know.

Then, it makes me more curious about this.
I try to put my name at the MSN Search Engine. Guess what?
It's nearly climb up to the 1st because -ombak- name just ranked at the 2nd. Wouldn't it be nice to see our name on the top of the search engine result?
But, I can't find my name at the first page of the Google's search engine result. Maybe, I have to improve more... more.... better regarding this. Unlike the fulltime blogger, it's gonna be easy for them.

Actually, -ombak- is my nickname.
And I used this name because I love to see the wave. Ombak in English means WAVE.
Why I choose this word as my nickname? Ermmm.... I never told anybody about this before but I'm willing to tell it now.
I choose this name because I want to make it as my "own shadow". It is known that -ombak- or -wave- will never stop his task to the beach right. That's sound positive to me. Never give up if you want to learn something. Like me, I never had any knowledge about computer and internet-ing's before. But I managed to learn it day by day and you can read it from my own experience here.

So, back to main topic.
I hope there will be a day where I can see my -ombak- name at the top of the big G (Google Search Engine) page results. I'm really sure the day will come sooner or later.
Same goes to Darren's (Problogger) name.
If you type the Darren's nickname -darren- at the Yahoo Search Engine, you will see it's located at the top but.... there is no more Darren's after that.
Now, try to put the -Darren- name at the Google Search Engine... it's quiet of mystery because his name stand at the 6th place. And it's more.... more.... weird if you put the -darren- name at the MSN Search Engine...!! No -darren- at all....?

Well my friends....
It's just a name and it has nothing to do with the traffic.
I just write it down here just because of my curiosity.
Because for me, if my nickname can make my readers easy to find me... it could be nice. The best thing happen to me when my nickname will bring my readers come to my site as easy as they can.. that's all.

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