Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Love me... love me not?

The Christmas is just around the corner. For all the readers, I just wanna wish all of you "Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year"....! Ho.. ho...ho... and may God bless you all.

Ahakssss... is it to early for me to wish it to all my readers?
Well, it's not for me. I really want to say it because I'm afraid I cannot do so. I was too damn busy lately. This school's holiday really make me exhausted all the time. Yeah... as an Education Caunsellor, this is the busiest time in my life.

Celebrate the festivals e.g (Deepavali, Chinese New Year and of course Christmas!) is so meaningful for me as a Malaysian. Grown up in this multi-racial country always makes me realised that "love" is the important thing. It is not easy to built up a love between us, but it is so easy to make someone hates us! But the way that people in this country sharing their loves almost indicates peace to all of them. Love is all around I right..!!??

What is the meaning of love?
Is it a normal word in your life?
Is it a jokes for you?
Or is it the very... very... very... important word to you ?!!

If you choose the last one, definitely you are the caring person. It's a nature as human itself to say it when they feel someone's touch their heart especially when they're in love. The feeling was so great and so wonderful. It can't be explained in a single word. If all the people in this world know about the true meaning of the love, I will pray to the God so that He will give me another 100 years more for my life....!!

Either a blogger or a reader, the love will always remain among us.
"Wasn't it so amazing when the "love" appear at the time where we never know each other but we still keep in touch together?"

How to describe it?
If you want to know what it the love deeply, why not try to "spell" the "LOVE" with your true feeling first?

C' mon....!! Let the love's alive around us...!!

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