Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Thoof- The House Of Info.

Some people said that Thoof is a normal site that gives us an info that we want. It’s like a normal RSS “subscribe” site but for me, Thoof is more advance. What I mean is we can get the info that we need in our own account. Everything on the site is posted by Thoof readers (like us) and can also be improved and edited by ourselves.

Imagine you have your own personalized news site, then you can add more info to the topic that you like. After that, you will share the info with others people. It’s totally great huh!

When you submit a story to Thoof, you will be given a ThoofRank badge that you can insert into your website or blog. Then, let others people rank your story. Yup, just leave it to them. You will know your story is good after you got a good rank.

Anyway, do you know what is the meaning of Thoof or how they got the idea to come up with this unique name?
My myself also not sure how they got this unique name, but I guess there must be a great story behind this name or maybe a secret. I tried to figure out this "secret" and finally, I got it!

I'm not sure whether you like or not but this is my own opinion. I think Thoof is stand for The House Of Info. How about that? Do you think it's relevant with the site itself? For me, it's very relevant because Thoof is information and information is Thoof!

Hey, do you know that this personalized news site is going to gift $300 Visa gift card for their TWO top Posties who drive the most traffic to their site?
Well, if you don't.. you must go to their site now and look for further info regarding this $$$.

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