Thursday, August 16, 2007

Payperpost conspiracy? What?? Is it true?

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This is true. What I'm trying to say is each time I want to "reserve" the opportunity tonight, the captcha box will appear WITHOUT any word for me to fill in.It's nothing there because half of the captcha box was hide behind the navigation bar....!!!!

What is this?
Is this another game or conspiracy by Payperpost?
Or perhaps, this a new game from Payperpost so that Asia bloggers can't take the opportunities?

I'm not trying to look for any publisity here but, if this is because of your technical problem, why that opportunity color turned to Grey? It's clearly shows that somebody has taken that opps!!!!!!!

Why you treat us like this?
Please answer me Ted!

(we just lose many $$$$$ ... not a $)

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