Thursday, August 02, 2007


Many of us still not know how important it is to have a POS equipment in our business. This is a good additional support for many of us especially if you a big retailer. POS or point of sale system is a type of computer or specialized terminal that is used to instantly record a transaction.

How to find a good POS equipment then?
Well at Visionpos, they got many types of POS products. On of the famous POS equipment that you can get in this site ibm pos equipment. In fact, if you go to their web page, you will see a long list of others IBM products. This system uses computers and combines it with the cash registers, barcode readers and also optical scanners.

As a latest addition to the glorification of science and technology, POS equipment now become one of the important equipment to attract more consumers because its ability to allow our business to process credit card payments.

Not only that, Visionpos also accept used pos equipment. Means that they also provide a great service to refurbish the old pos equipment untill it's look like new.

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