Saturday, August 18, 2007

Never use your student loan for vacation.

Summer is rocks and the fun is still going on. But there is something that I want to share with all of you especially if you're a student. Lately, there is many cases about students who can't repay their loan to government. It become worst when most of them is using their student loan to go for a vacation!

This is a bad news for the parents. The fact is they (parents) have to bear all the debts and at the same time, these students will try try to look for
Student Loan Consolidation
options. I mean they will try it untill they got it. They believe that Student Loan Consolidation will allows them to consolidate the various loans they have taken.

Parents should alert about this matter because if their child really using their student loan for a vacation, it will give a bad effect for in the future. Bear in mind that some of them (student) dare to apply the student loan consolidation because it's really helps save money - up to thousands at a time!

Not only that, there's another case that parents should know. Do they ever think about their child's Private Student Loans?. Actually, many of the students that failed to repay their student loan is crazy to apply for the private loan. These people would pay them because if they don't the financial institutions will come after them using legal means.

I don't know what is going on to some of the students lately. I only have one advice for all of you. Please use your student loan wisely because you never know what will happen to your future life.

Never use your student loan for vacation, use it for your study purpose... allright!

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