Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Royal Treatment Holiday For Gay.

So this is just for an adult only. Maybe some of you already know it but for me, this is new. I never get any exposure about this place but I was told that this is the best place for gay. But hey, I'm not a gay okey...!

I just put the story here so that we can know what is actually happening around us. Fort Lauderdale has rapidly developed into one of the hottest gay vacation spots in the country, in part through the tirelessly promoting of local business owners, and in part through the tremendous efforts of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau, which has one of the most successful gay marketing initiatives in the the country.

Among gay-owned businesses, there are nearly 30 guest houses and mini-resorts in Fort Lauderdale with a predominantly gay clientele, not to mention many other mainstream properties that are quite gay-friendly. One of the top gay properties in the city, if even the entire country, is the Royal Palms Resort, which hotelier and gay-tourism booster Richard Gray opened in 1991, helping to turn Fort Lauderdale into a hot gay getaway. This is one place in town where you're always certain to receive a royal welcome.

Thanks Andrew for this info.

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