Saturday, August 18, 2007

Your friend- Dr Shapiro.

Yesterday, I have met with one of my ex-boss. He recently went in for a hair transplant. He’s only 32 years old and was already almost all the way bald on top. He said he is a thinker, that's why he bald. What a good joke from him!

Hair transplant is one of the way for him to solve this problem. As we know, hair transplant now becoming much more popular in the image-obsessed culture we live in today.

Like what you can have at hair transplants in florida, they have all the informations that you need. Leading by Dr Shapiro, he is the one that will help you on this. As a doctor who have many years of experience, Dr Shapiro will consult you detailly about your problem because has performed over 10,000 micro-mini graft procedures.

If you feel shy to discuss your hair problem with your friends, well you can tell Dr Shapiro because he is your friend also!

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