Thursday, August 02, 2007

Kailua view.

Can you imagine how does it feel when your room was blown by the ocean's wind everytime you wake up in the morning?
Or can you tell me how does it feel when you hear the sound of wave everytime you wanna go to your bed at night?

I can't describe how lucky I am if I can have all this kind of "priviledge". Sometimes, it's kind of boring live in this metropolitan city. All I heard is a car horn and the brake sleek sound. I'm not sure when is the time for me to go for a holiday to this kind of place like Kailua ocean front rental. If I can go to this place in my next vacation, definitely I will shut off my handphone. I don't want any call in or even a sound of a phone ring. Yeah... that's what I called a privacy.

Kailua ocean front rental has many types of resort. If you ask me which will be my first choice, that will be Kona Coast Resort. Why?

It's not just a resort but it's a golden resort because you they have so many facilities in this resort such as two swimming pools, three whirlpool spas, tennis courts, barbecue areas, putting green and other great onsite activities. This is what I'm looking for because there's a big different between this place with my own place at the city. Furthermore, I can take many photo shots along the Kahalu'u Beach and scenic Keauhou Bay for my photoblog.

Hawaii vacations always will be my dream!


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Eyes of a Gamer said...

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Ombak said...

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