Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blogitive...Smorty...Blogsvertise...what happened?

Do you noticed that Blogitive was having a problem to find an advertiser?
I can see that because each time I login to my Blogitive account, the only advertiser that still "alive" is the Capella University.

I can't take that Capella's review anymore. It's too many and it's not good for my blog. I hope Blogitive will do something about it.

Same goes to Smorty and Blogsvertise. Well, I hope they also should do something about it.

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Mico said...

That's what I'm thinking as well especially to Blogsvertise. My PR seemed to sink from 3 to 2 but I don't think it's the reason. I just signed up with smorty and it's been weeks and I haven't gotten any from them.

I am starting to think that it was due to the US financial crisis. Watchatink?


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