Tuesday, June 05, 2007

New Business To Do.

My neighbour just invited me to join his new business at JB town. He is opening his new print shop at on of the most famous area at JB. Eventhough he knew that the risk to do this kind of business in JB was quite big, but he has a confident to do it because he believe that his artwork are potentially can be sold.

As a friend, I really respect his spirit. As for the record, I already accepted his offer. But, I just do my job from home. Basically, he wanted me to concentrate on online marketing such as online ordering, keep update the company's website, financial and etc. Well, I will help him with my own heart and I also recommended him to get the accounts receivable conversion.

For the time being, I am busy to develope the website.Hopefully, I can start my job next week.

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