Thursday, October 04, 2007

Play casino on your holiday!

As we know, holiday is not only about a sea, sand, sun and beach. It's also about how we enjoy ourselves in that period. We always heard of people who plan their trip to Grand Canyon, Hawaii and also Asean but believe it or not, there's some people out there that like to spend their holiday at Vegas. Yes, this qroup of people like to gamble and play casino for their satisfaction.

Mean time, I also know about an online casino. In my country, many tourists like to play this type of casino because they know how to play it well. They don't even have to go to Vegas. So in this post, I will share some info about the level of confident about online casino.

Actually, many of us still don't have a high confident to play an online casino. We always think that we will got cheated by online casino after we won the games. And because of that kind of assumption, we sticked to that bad experience and make it as a main reason.

Actually, playing online casino really can give you a bunch of dollars daily if you know your own right. What I mean here is that if you really understand the terms and agreements, you will feel more safe and convenience. For me, the first important thing to do before you sign up to any online casino is the secure terms.

I'm glad to read that online casino bluebook got all what it takes. Just look at this statement (simply reviewed by me):
1) No solicit or spam.
2) All emails acquired thru are newsletter.
3) Not given out to any 3rd party and will never be sold.
4) No emails will ever me made public before given prior consent from the 3rd party.
5) All emails send out by or received by casino bluebook are legally binding.

Casino Information Sharing:
1) We do not sell, rent, or give out any private information ever unless subpoenaed law enforcement agency.
Privacy Policy Changes:
1) Online Casino Bluebook reserves the right to change, modify or delete any form of the privacy policy at any time.
2)They normally give 24hrs for any changes to be made courtesy to are users.
As a result, the webmaster also giving a high priority to all the person who are using/stealing/linking any kind of "source" from the website. They must put a link of the Online Casion Bluebook to their site so that the webmaster can track any outlink or etc. What a good step to maintain the secure level. I believe they have a good system to trackdown any piece of this site all over the Internet.

Let's take a look at the best statement in their online Terms And Condition (the best in my opinion):

Any webmaster who chooses to use the information and material from this site must include a citation and a back link to Online Casino Bluebook. Which includes the pictures and information with in this site that appears on Online Casino Bluebook all protected by International copyright law.

So, do you feel comfortable now with their secure level?
If you are, don't wait any longer. Take the first steps by read the full agreement and sign up at now.

Who knows?
If you won the games, you can use that money to stay more longer at the resort and you also can continue your trip to others destination!

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