Monday, October 08, 2007

What CRM and Lead Management can do for your travel agency company.

Running a travel agency is not easy as what we think. It's not just about how to show the client the most beautiful beach, the best view of mountain and the best place to play a ski. It is more than that.

I wanted to have my own travel agency since 2001 but I have to use that money for my mother's operation. But now, I think the time has come for me to think about it again. Since I have no more debt, I don't think bank will reject my proposal.

Actually, there is some reason for me to come up with this idea. Not only about making a profit, but I just found a good software that can give me a benefit from it. The software called crm software and lead management from

So have you ever heard of this crm company before?
If you don't, maybe this post will give you a little bit of exposure on how this softwares can help to manage your business well.

CRM SOFTWARE provides you a cool customer relationship management tool that will make you to work on customer basis and provides a cool relationship between you and the customers. It also can help you to keep track of all details especially with good record of marketing materials that make really handy to close a deal successfully which comes to your fingertips with a lead management software. The best part of this crm software is it has a dashboard system where it will shows in which direction the sales are going. At the same time, this will immediately throw up alerts on neglected leads. So you can immediately do course correction when required.

Lead management software is quiet different from crm software. This is the the system that is used for the management of the enquiries of the customers and the leads. As we know, the relationship between customer relationship management and advertising is Lead Management. That's why many company already have both of this software as their helper lately. Not only that, this lead management software will allows you to work your leads and close sales that are tracked and connected back to the visitor, and then back to the advertisement that generated the visitor.

Now do you agree that these softwares can help me to manage my travel agency?

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