Friday, October 26, 2007

Van- best transport for long journey.

So what do you think a van can do for you?
If you think van can help you for a business purpose, well I can think more than that. Actually, van can be the best transport for you to go for a long trip or a long journey for your holiday purpose.

Opss.... we are not talk about a 'caravan" okay, we're talking about a van. The only vehicle that more cheaper than caravan but more affordable compared to a car.

So do you have a van in your garage?
Have you use it for your travelling or something like that?

As for me, van really can help for our trip because I can put so many stuff inside the van and also outside the van. With only a little bit touch of van rack installation, you can put your surf board above it.

Now you tell me can your car do the same thing like a van?

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